Dissida Final Fantasy – Console Port Getting Story Mode & Playable Villains; No Current Release Date

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Final Fantasy is got a fighting game in arcades developed by Team Ninja and it got people excited about a possible console release in the future. Sadly, it might be a while away. The developers behind the title gave the following comment about a console release of Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Hazama-san mentioned that the game did not appear at the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary opening ceremony event in Tokyo because the console version is not ready to be revealed yet in a form that would meet the expectations of the fans.
According to Hazama-san, many fans expect a story mode in the console version of the game, and it’s being worked on, even if the main part of the game will remain battle. In order to further enhance other factors, it will take some more time for the console version to come. He also apologized since a year from the release of the arcade version the home console version still isn’t ready, and we’re entering the second year without a reveal, but he’ll keep doing his best towards the goal. Interestingly, Kujiraoka-san also hinted to possible plans for the game to make a worldwide eSports debut, even if nothing can be announced for now.

So basically, a lot is planed like a story mode and new characters but they aren’t ready yet, so the console version will be fully shown off when enough is ready to be presented. It is a shame to hear this but at least when it does release on consoles, it will be packed with content and match up with releases like Mortal Kombat X or Injustice Gods Among Us in regards to single player & multiplayer content.
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