Past Mortem: Inafune Explained (Stop Skeletons From Fighting)

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When discussing Mighty No. 9’s history, you cannot ignore the man behind the project Inafune. Series producer of Mega Man for years before leaving Capcom, Inafune set out to make a name for himself in making his own studios and original productions. To dive into some history surrounding Inafune, Stop Skeletons From Fighting released a video detailing past and present of this gaming legend.

Father? Businessman? Hack? Conman? Now that we’ve broken down the Mighty No 9 kickstarter campaign, it’s time take a closer look at the man at the center of it all, Keiji Inafune.
Narrated by Grace Kramer
Written by Grace Kramer & Derek Alexander
Edited by Derek Alexander

I shared my take on the history of Mighty No. 9 on 3WIREL before but I honestly feel like Inafune bit off more then he could chew. He never used crowd funding before MN9 and his lack of experience using the platform is very viable with how he acted toward the community. Maybe in the future he will take what he learned from Might No. 9 and help create some great experience.
It’s not like he didn’t before Might No. 9, as he was responsible for the ideas behind Soul Sacrifice & Soul Sacrifice Delta; both games are some of my favorite Vita Action/RPG’s.

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