Final Fantasy VII Remake: Voice-Work Nearing Completion

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Final Fantasy VII Remake feels far away despite being announced two years ago, but it’s progressing along bit by bit over recent months. One major milestone is that voice acting is nearing completion, at least for the games first episode.

As per a translation by Siliconera, Kitase had this to say: “Final Fantasy VII Remake requires hefty readiness. The voice actors are practically finished in recording voices for the main story. Fans might be picturing Cloud from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children for it, but it’s a Cloud in his ‘prime’ from before Advent Children, so you might sense a fresh new performance from it.”
We should remind everyone at this juncture that the game is being split into multiple full game sized episodes and that what Kitase is alluding to here is probably just the first part. However, it seems like things are coming along nicely.

While this is good news, we don’t know if this applies to one dub (Japan or English) or both major dubs. We will know for sure in the coming months but considering how long the game is taking, it’s great to hear that some progress is being made. Hearing voice acting is done (at least for one language track) indicates the story planning/writing for Ep. I is finished, making the game seem further along then many expect.
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