Final Fantasy XV – PS4 Pro Patch 1.05 Tested (Digital Foundry)

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FFXV was promised a major PS4 Pro patch which offered higher frame rates and smoother gameplay but upon testing, it offers some interesting results. Digital Foundry drives across the open worlds yet again and discovers that an unlocked frame rate isn’t the best way to playthrough FFXV.

This isn’t good. Final Fantasy 15’s new PS4 Pro patch lets frame-rates go unlocked while in the ‘lite’ mode – but the game simply doesn’t hit 60fps as promised by the patch notes. Instead, it runs between 30-50fps. John explains the problems with this approach.

With it bouncing between 30-50FPS, frame-pacing is a bigger issue compared to before and regarding stable performance, the PS4 Pro is not the best option anymore. Digital Foundry recommends you play either the game on base PS4 (with frame pacing but not as bad) or on the Xbox One (with lower image quality but with a more stable frame rate + no frame pacing at all).
It’s a shame to see the PS4 Pro not offer the best experience but maybe upon further updates, the Pro version of FFXV will play and look even better.

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