Resident Evil 7 Finishes What Silent Hills Started – GameSpot’s Reboot Series

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GameSpot launched a new video series called ‘Reboot’ and it covers a wealth of topics in the world of gaming. One such topic was horror games and what better game to discuss than Resident Evil 7. The game has been shocking many (both in expectations and in frights) in recent weeks and it’s impact on the horror genre is important.
On consoles, survival horror morphed into the action-horror game for many franchises like Resident Evil and Dead Space. While action-horror can be a great time as titles like Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space 2 prove, the genres at it’s best when trying to scare you. This above video from GameSpot details why Resident Evil 7 is so important in the content of the horror genre at large.
I fully watched it and I personally really enjoyed the video. Highly recommend you give it a watch if you are interested in learning more about horror gaming.

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