Sonic Boom Season 2 – Four-Part Episode In-Coming (RUMOR)

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Sonic Boom continues to air with it’s second season impressing many with sharper writing and more on-point humor. But the show might get some serious episodes coming up. Discovered by Donnie (@SSF1991), the show is getting a four-part episode (hour long special) in the future called ‘Robots from the Sky’.  From the sounds of things, this implies that Sonic and friends fight a major threat. Considering the show is part of the cannon that Rise of Lyric comes from (but it rarely … Read More

StarCraft – Original vs. Remastered Official Shots Graphics Comparison

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StarCraft is getting a remaster in summer 2017. The new StaRcraft Remastered offers upgraded graphics & visuals, high resolution widescreen support, improved audio and matchmaking. We compare the graphics of original StarCraft with the Remastered version – all scenes are official shots from Blizzard and not made by us. These shots have a resolution of 1920×1200 and are high quality jpg files with 6MB+. Source: Candyland

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Trailer #2 (July 2017 Release)

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Marvel’s iconic wall-crawler is making his big screen return with Spider-Man Homecoming produced by Sony and Marvel Studios. The film takes place after Captain America: Civil War where Tony Stark gives Peter Parker a upgraded suit. Now trying to further his career as a super hero, he faces many challenges, with one being fighting a major villain on his own. What makes this trailer so interesting, is that it covers more serious elements to the story. Peter and Tony fighting with each other, Peter … Read More

Spark the Electric Jester – Releasing April on PC & New Trailer

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Spark is an upcoming project from the talented developer LakeFeperd known for his work in the Sonic fan community through Sonic Before the Sequel and Sonic After the Sequel. He is making an original production and after having positive impressions from our time with the released demos, it’s great hearing that the game is releasing soon! Planing for a April 6th release on Steam, Spark see’s the return of the high-speed platforming many love from Sonic but mixed with elements from the Kirby and … Read More

Final Fantasy XV – March Update Trailer & Breakdown

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Final Fantasy XV is getting a huge update soon and it will be adding on to the ‘Chapter 13’ section of the game. New story scenes will be present, but how they will be added to the game is really interesting. One of them is giving gamers a ‘taste’ of the gameplay style of Gladiolus through a playable section in the chapter where you control him. It was a really nice surprise and joins the improved gameplay Noctis has when using the … Read More

[LINKED] Game Informer: Sonic Forces Impressions

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During its South By Southwest panel last night, Sega revealed the name for its upcoming mainline entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise as Sonic Forces. The reveal was followed by a quick teaser clip showing some gameplay featuring Modern Sonic running through a European-style city as destruction rains down from above. We had a chance to see a longer version of this stage. Read More »

Sonic Mania (PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC) – Pushed To Summer Release + Flying Battery Zone

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Sonic Mania is getting delayed into Summer 2017 so that the team can have more time to polish the game, add more zones and create a great experience. To tide fans over however, a new zone was announced for the game, or rather a returning zone from a Classic Sonic game. Flying Battery from Sonic & Knuckles is being re-mastered for Sonic Mania and it looks quite strong. Lots of fun level gimmicks and expansions on original level are present, with … Read More

Sonic Forces (PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC) – Modern Sonic Gameplay, Main Theme, Details

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Sonic Forces aka Sonic Project 2017 was officially shown off at a recent Sonic event. Lots of details and information was released, so we will be breaking it down. First is the gameplay trailer, showing off how Modern Sonic plays in the game. He mirrors the Generations/Unleashed gameplay style heavily and the level shown off presented the blue blur speeding along at high speed. Level design doesn’t look that impressive at first glance but this is likely the very first … Read More