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Skylanders Academy was a recent show that came on to Netflix late last year (as of this writing) and many enjoyed the show. From seeing the Skylanders going on new adventures too seeing a special bandicoot get a crashing cameo, it was a show that was quite solid. Member of the Skylanders Forums CrystalBlazier was able to interview the show runner Eric Rogers.

You can read the full interview by clicking the following link but the interview answered some interesting questions. But below are key questions I wanted to highlight as I felt they were quite interesting to see answered. 

5. How did you come to your decisions regarding voice casting, including the recasting of existing characters?
ER: We love the actors who did the voices for the characters in the games (some of whom we cast for the show as well). But in regards to our leads, we were trying to give them voices that were distinct from the games, just as their characters are distinct from the games. The one lead actor we always knew would play the same role from game to series was Richard Horvitz. Kaos just wouldn’t be the same voiced by anyone else!
6. What made you guys choose some specific Skylanders, like Flashwing and Wind-Up, to be cadets?
ER: A lot of it was based on their design, their powers, and what we thought their characters could be alongside of those designs. With characters like Wind-Up and Food Fight, they just look like they’d be fun to watch and follow on a television show. Most of the cadets we chose also have a youthful quality to their design, so that was important as well in our decision-making.
10. How long did each episode take to develop?
ER: We move at a fast pace in the animated television world. From story conception to final locked record script, the process is probably 5-6 weeks. We start with a simple 1-2 page premise that eventually becomes a script. Everyone involved creatively is incredibly fast and good at what they do. We’re surrounded by some of the best talent in the game, that’s for sure!

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