Cancelled Game Unearthed – Saints Row: Moneyshot

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The Saints Row series is no stranger to installments in its series being scrapped like the PSP Saints Row title or being completely re-worked into a new game like Saints Row IV. Moneyshot is about you shooting a bullet and guiding it across a semi-open level. It looked quite promising and the video shows off a lot of gameplay. YouTuber Proto Faggot also has videos of a leaked build of Mighty No. 9 and a prototype version of Rockman X5 (MMX5) as … Read More

Resident Evil 5 Remastered (PS4/X1) Releasing in June

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Capcom announced early in the year that three Resident Evil titles would be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with visual upgrades, 60FPS and more. They were Resident Evil 6, 5 and 4. Resident Evil 6 released first and it was planed that Resident Evil 5 would release next. Now, we can have an idea when it is going to come out thanks to Twitter User Wario64. The game is planed to release on Xbox One June 28th, which … Read More

Movie Review: The Angry Birds Movie

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Video game movies are famous for not being great or at the very least, underwhelming people. 2016 is very interesting in that regard, with many gaming movies coming into theaters. It started this year with Ratchet & Clank releasing alongside the reboot game on PS4 and continues with two live-action films in the Warcraft and Assassins Creed series. But another one came out between Ratchet & Warcraft; Angry Birds. It is easy to forget that this movie is based off … Read More

SEGA Survey: Sonic to appear in future Crossovers?

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Sonic is a character that is no stranger to appearing with other properties, the most famous ones being his playable role in the Smash Brothers series fighting alongside Mega Man, Cloud, Mario and Bayonetta in addition to him going to the Olympics with his buddy Mario. But he might be having a few crossovers with other famous IP. SEGA put out a survey recently about the series and the above image is a question that pops up. This is very … Read More

World of Final Fantasy – Odin and Others Join the Roster

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World of FF is a Action Role-Playing Game releasing on the PS4 and PS Vita later this year from Square Enix, with a major goal of the project being to introduce the FF series  new generations and celebrate the series with cameo’s and appearances of famous characters. Its announced characters like Cloud (FFVII) and Lighting (FFXIII) will be appearing in the game but others were announced to appear in the game today including Undead Princess from Crystal Chronicles and Odin from … Read More

Payday 2 Drops Microtransactions

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Detailed in a major update video for the multi-player shooter ‘Payday 2’, the game will be dropping micro-transactions going forward. The community of the game did not like this move the developers made when they originally put micro-transactions into the game last year, so this news should make many happy who enjoyed the game in the past or currently. NeoGaf Member KDR_11k explained the video in detail: “According to the video they’re changing it so new safes don’t require drills anymore. This … Read More

Rumor: Tekken 7 Fated Retribution coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC

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The popular fighting series Tekken has released on many consoles over the years, with the newest one, Tekken 7, releasing in Japanese Arcades last year. With news on a console version of the title, the only announced platform thus far is the PS4 version. This might change, as recently rumors have come out suggestion a Xbox One and PC version are happening in the future. Source Comment: “So Bandai Namco was at the MCM Comic Con this and one fellow … Read More

Playstation E3 Experience 2016 Announced – Tickets available tomorrow!

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In 2014, we had this crazy idea to partner with Fathom Events and broadcast our E3 Press Conference LIVE to some theaters North America, not knowing if this was something people would even be interested in attending. Two years later, and we’ve had to more than double our seating capacity to accommodate everybody! There’s just something special about watching the news and excitement of E3 together with fellow PlayStation fans that makes this an event I look forward to every … Read More

Dead Island 2 – PC Version Potentially Cancelled

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Dead Island 2 has had a rocky development, changing hands to different studios with Sumo Digital of Sonic Racing Transformed fame working on the title now. It is supposed to release this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but it seems like the PC version might not release. Thanks to NeoGaf Member DeathSparks, we learned that games PC version could be scrapped. Support for this is the following image found in Steam’s Databases. Could be that they are updating the … Read More