Rumor: Injustice 2 coming to PC/Xbox One/PS4 in 2017

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Ohhh, we got a spicy rumor coming from, and according to Backflip at GAF, a sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us, which is a fighting game that released in 2012-2013 on multiple platforms to strong success. It was a fighting game that had the gods, heroes, villains and titans of the DC Universal fighting each other across interactive maps and a large-scale single-player story mode. Many enjoyed the game and deservedly so . It is to no one’s surprise that the game is … Read More

GT Sport: Game Might Not Support Offline Events

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GT Sport is set to have the following modes: Campaign Mode, Sports Mode and Arcade Mode. They sound like they would function like other games in the series with both offline and online variations on the modes, but that is not the case. They all appear to be online only modes, but this isn’t confirmed yet. We will update the story as news develops. Source: 

Rumor – PlayStation 4 PS Plus Titles for June 2016

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PlayStation Plus is a service that offers people six games every month across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita but the line up the past few months has disappointed people hoping to get a retail release on the line up on PS4. If this rumor is correct, June might be a time were we get a retail release as the below image suggests that NBA 2K16 and Gone Home will be the Plus Titles for the PS4. This is a rumor, … Read More

Retro Look-Back – Digital Foundry Looking at Quake on the ******

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The SEGA ****** is famous for being a difficult platform to develop for, so Quake landing on the system was impressive. id Software brought their iconic first person shooter to the system thanks to the studio Lobotomy Software. They worked on a game called Powerslave before working on Quake ******. The game was a demanding title during the time due to being a completely 3D FPS. It has issues running on the ****** but still, it is very impressive considering that. … Read More

YouTube Gaming Highlight – SilvaGunner

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I want to take the time to honor a great YouTube content creator; SilvaGunner. This fellow makes ‘high quality music rips’ of many different video games and they are amazing. Going to post some personal favorites and I hope you enjoy listening to them.      

Mega Man 2017 Cartoon Detailed

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Mega Man is a classic gaming IP that has numerous incarnations and sub-series. They all offered something different to the table and made things quite interesting for the franchise as a whole. So, having a cartoon that is trying to do its own thing with the IP should be expected, not a shocker. Press Release Follows: “Dentsu Entertainment USA and DHX Media have struck a global deal to develop, co-produce, distribute and jointly manage licensing for the new Mega Man animated … Read More

Phantom of the Kill – New Mobile Title Announced by publisher Gumi

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Mobile is a platform that took off in a bit way in recent years and more major titles are landing on mobile devices. Publisher Gumi is releasing a game called “Phantom of the Kill” on iOS, Android and other unnamed platforms in the future.  Full Press Release Follows: “Recently, Gumi Inc. announced that a demo of Phantom of the Kill, a Japanese strategy RPG, will be playable at Anime Expo 2015 as well as their latest mobile games for Android … Read More

Street Fighter V – Ibuki Joins The Fight! (Update – Releasing in June)

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Street Fighter V is releasing its extra fighters as DLC post launch for the past few months such as Alex but a new fighter joins the ring; Ibuki comes to Street Fighter V! This character is a fan requested one after her appearance in Super Street Fighter IV, so her returning to SFV is nice to see. More characters are coming to the game after her, so we will cover them when they are announced. Update: Capcom Japan announced that … Read More

Dragon Quest Builders Localization Happening

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Dragon Quest Builders is a action/RPG that has elements from the iconic Dragon Quest series blending with the popular title ‘Minecraft’. It came out in Japan early this year and Square Enix confirmed it is releasing this year on the PlayStation Vita (Digital) and PlayStation 4 (Retail & Digital). The game is releasing on both platforms this October and this post will be updated as more news comes out. Source: