Invader Zim Getting 90-Minute TV Movie

Invader Zim is a very interesting cartoon. Originating as an idea from the mind behind Johnny The Homicidal Manic, the show aired on Nick in the early 2000’s alongside other iconic shows like Spongebob and The Fairly Odd Parents. Sadly the show faced major hurdles with the network and was canceled. It got more exposure over the years; merchandise sold well, it got re-ruins on the sister channel ‘Nicktoons Network’ (including some un-aired episodes from Season Two) and more recently got a comic that continued the story of the show.

Rumors were flying around last year that a movie is being produced for Nick, not unlike the upcoming Hey Arnold and Rocko’s Modern Life’s TV movies releasing later this year. But nothing was confirmed…until today! Zim and Gir are going to try to take over Earth in a 90-minute feature film in the future.

That’s right, we’re getting a 90-minute film from series creator Jhonen Vasquez, with original series cast members Richard Horvitz reprising his role as Zim alongside Rikke Simmons as GIR, Andy Berman as Dib, and Melissa Fahn as Gaz. We don’t know much about the plot, but it has been revealed that Zim has come up with “a new and potentially Earth-destroying plan” that may finally give Zim his due from his alien overlords.

With Nick pushing hard in producing quality shows (most evident with the recent season of Spongebob getting a huge quality boost over past seasons), they will likely offer the creators more freedom to do what they want unlike when the show originally aired. As someone who loved the show growing up, I’m overjoyed to see the little alien come back. We will keep you posted as further information releases.

Source: Nerdist

Animated Reviews: Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season Two

We recently put up our review for Season One of the Disney XD Show Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season One but it’s second season ended a few days ago (as of this writing). The original season set up such a strong foundation through subverting it’s core concept, offering fun characters to have adventures with and not being afraid to be a bit serious if needed; Season Two has a lot to build off of.

Let’s go on a new adventure by diving into the second season of Star vs. The Forces of Evil!

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Rick & Morty Season 3 – Episode One Review/Impressions

Rick and Morty is one of the most impressive shows on the Adult Swim line up as of late. It takes dark humor and wraps it up within enjoyable stories with great characters. The second season ended a while ago but now the third season is coming soon! But surprising everyone, Adult Swim aired the first episode of this latest season on April 1st in honor of April Fools Day.

Does Rick and Morty kick off the latest season in dark humor? Or does it fizzle out? Let’s grab our portal guns and find out! Word of warning; Season Two Finale spoilers will be mentioned

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Sonic Boom Season 2 – Four-Part Episode In-Coming (RUMOR)

Sonic Boom continues to air with it’s second season impressing many with sharper writing and more on-point humor. But the show might get some serious episodes coming up. Discovered by Donnie (), the show is getting a four-part episode (hour long special) in the future called ‘Robots from the Sky’. 

From the sounds of things, this implies that Sonic and friends fight a major threat. Considering the show is part of the cannon that Rise of Lyric comes from (but it rarely ever puts much attention on that), this could be the show’s introduction to the games villain Lyric. He tries to take over the world and Sonic must work with allies & foes alike to take him down.

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from this but please don’t take this as an announcement. This is a rumor due to no official confirmation from the creators, SEGA or Boomerang/Cartoon Network being released yet. 

UPDATE – (3/28/2017)

Official writer on Sonic Boom came out to confirm the four-part episode via tweet.

Source: Twitter

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Trailer #2 (July 2017 Release)

Marvel’s iconic wall-crawler is making his big screen return with Spider-Man Homecoming produced by Sony and Marvel Studios. The film takes place after Captain America: Civil War where Tony Stark gives Peter Parker a upgraded suit. Now trying to further his career as a super hero, he faces many challenges, with one being fighting a major villain on his own.

What makes this trailer so interesting, is that it covers more serious elements to the story. Peter and Tony fighting with each other, Peter making his own suit later in the film and implications that Peter has direct conversations with the films major villain all indicate a story that balances humor and drama. Early trailers made the film look more comedic but this latest one helps show that the film will have more serious moments when the time calls for them.

It’s releasing July of 2017 and we will have more information as further details come out.



Disney Releases First Look for ‘Tangled Before Ever After’ (Movie/TV Series Pilot)

Back in the early 2000’s, Disney released a movie called ‘Stitch! The Movie’ and it followed characters many loved from the film ‘Lilo & Stitch’ in a new adventure. When the film ended, it teased at more stories to follow, leading to the release of ‘Lilo & Stitch: The Series’. Disney is trying this again with the release of the animated film ‘Tangled Before Ever After’ which in many cases follows in ‘Stitch! The Movie’ footsteps.

It tells an original story following Rapunzel after the events from the film ‘Tangled’ and see’s her going on another adventure. Disney released the first five minutes of the film (which will be airing on Disney Channel this month) on their official YouTube channel and it looks quite promising.

One thing I took note of is how the character’s match up with the film counterparts not only with their writing but also through the voice acting. The characters are voice by their movie counterparts for example. Animation is another thing that stood out, as it heavily mirrors the style seen in the Disney XD Series ‘Pen Zero: Part Time Hero’. This animation style/look matches up with the Tangled world quite well, so it’s a good fit.

You can learn more about the movie/TV series below via press release Disney put out within the video’s description.

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Cartoon Network Picks-Up New Series ‘Summer Camp Island’ for 2018

Cartoon Network is known for many things in recent years; kickstarting a new era of animation with shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show, restore fan favorite channel blocks like Toonami, and pushes for creative shows to fill up it’s line-up. Sadly the network has been on a decline recently with shows like Powerpuff Girls (2017) and Teen Titans GO getting more traction while legacy shows (Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, etc) are either nearing their final seasons or outright finished things up.

New pilots for shows have been created and many have high hopes for some key ones like Lakewood Plaza Turbo and Infinity Train. One new pilot was shown recently and has been picked by Cartoon Network into become a full series in 2018. The show is called Summer Camp Island and it seems to follow the story of a young boy and his friend going to a summer camp where strange things are happening.

If you instantly thought ‘Gravity Falls’, the comparison seems justified somewhat as it does explore some odd subjects (characters talk about monsters and aliens invading). But what makes the pilot so interesting is it’s children’s book art style and more earthy coloring tones. The kids also sound quite young and it feels more down to earth.

I like what I saw with this pilot and I’m hopeful the show becomes a great series once it official airs in 2018. We will report more on this as further information comes out.

Community Q&A with Skylanders Academy Showrunner Eric Rogers – CrystalBlazier

[Image: Skylanders%20Academy%20Logo.png]

Skylanders Academy was a recent show that came on to Netflix late last year (as of this writing) and many enjoyed the show. From seeing the Skylanders going on new adventures too seeing a special bandicoot get a crashing cameo, it was a show that was quite solid. Member of the Skylanders Forums CrystalBlazier was able to interview the show runner Eric Rogers.

You can read the full interview by clicking the following link but the interview answered some interesting questions. But below are key questions I wanted to highlight as I felt they were quite interesting to see answered. 

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Super Eyepatch Wolf – Why You Should Watch ‘Samurai Jack’

Cartoon Network has produced amazing shows over the years. But one show that heavily sticks out from the rest of it’s line up is the series Samurai Jack. Focusing on offering a more serious tone and more somber atmosphere compared to other shows on the network, Jack cut his way into the hearts of many viewers. We wanted to see him return to the past and save the world, but the show didn’t get a proper ending.

This was finally rectified with the announcement that Adult Swim would commission one final season for the show to wrap up any lose ends. To celebrate it’s upcoming release, content creator Super Eyepatch Wolf released a lengthy video (which you can find above this text) that explains why the show is so strong.

I loved watching this show growing up and many of the points Super Eyepatch Wolf brings up in his video line up with my own thoughts; the art direction and great cast of characters helps the show become a one of a kind experience.

Animated Review – Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Season One

Disney is famous for producing some of the best animated content in film history. Many grew up watching classics like Beauty & The Best and Fantasia. However Disney also has a history in television animation. Starting with live action productions, they later tapped into their animated roots with shows like Adventures of the Gummy Bears and the most famous example being Ducktales. They got so much success, Disney stared producing more animated shows over the years.

Recent efforts have shown a clear high quality benchmark, shown with shows like Gravity FallsThe Mickey Mouse Shorts and Wonder Over Yonder. One show that stands out among all of them is the series Star Vs. The Forces of Evil. On surface level, it shouldn’t be anything more then wacky antics with a princes hero character.

But through subverting expectations and not being afraid to be silly, Season One of The Forces of Evil establishes a foundation that Season Two blossoms from. Even then though, how does the first season hold up? Is it a fun time? Let’s travel across dimensions and find out!

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