Samurai Jack (Season Five) – One vs. Many Teaser Clip

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Jack is slashing his way onto Adult Swim in a brand new season of the iconic Cartoon Network show Samurai Jack. This will be a bit more mature but will retain the heart of the original series. To get fans excited for the seasons launch this March, Adult Swim put out a new clip showing a mysterious figure fighting robots. It’s a great looking action scene and shows how the art style heavily mirrors the one seen in the original show. We … Read More

The Fairly Odd Phantom – Crossover Short of Butch Hartman’s Creations

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Nickelodeon is launching a new series called Bunsen is a Beast created by Butch Hartman, which is continuing the network’s efforts in creating new animated series that appeal to both new and older viewers. In one promotional effort to highlight the new Nicktoon, we see Danny Phantom encounter Butch’s other creations including Fairly Odd Parents and T.U.F.F. Puppy in addition to a new Nicktoon. It’s a charming little short and I was personally really happy to see Danny Phantom back again. I grew up watching that … Read More

Highlight – Sword Art Online Abridged from ‘Something Witty Entertainment’

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SAO is a series many love and enjoy, but an equal amount loath & hate. It’s a divisive series for sure but ones I both enjoy and have issues with at the same time. I wrote lengthy reviews for Season One and Two last year on 3WIREL and had mixed thoughts on both of them, but noted the bright points each one offered. With any popular series, there will be an abridged series linked to it. Abridged Series is something … Read More

The Lego Batman Movie Review – Master Building Across Gotham City

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Who doesn’t love LEGO? They are lovely little blocks you snap together to create anything your mind comes up with and are filled with personality. The year 2014 saw the release of a film called The LEGO Movie that was far better then it had any right to be. Offering a charming story presenting the core theme of why LEGO’s are so important, it was a wonderful experience many loved. This started a new series of movies from WB Animation Studios, with … Read More

Remembering ‘Mr. Sprinkles’ – A Dark Comedy from the Minds Behind Rick & Morty

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Animation is a powerful medium that can be used to tell all kinds of stories. You can make laugh through sharp comedy, tell powerful stories that can move someone, and just do something completely nuts that is unique. Rick & Morty creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon had a number of projects completed before that series was unleashed on Adult Swim. One such series was called ‘Mr. Sprinkles’. Telling a story of a Cat in the Hat styled creature, we … Read More

Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime – Should You Watch It?

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Pokemon is a series that has lasted years as a long running anime series. Many of us grew up following Ash & Pikachu on various adventures across the different regions of the Pokemon world. I fondly remember vividly memories of the original three seasons and loved the show growing up. Today I continue to watch the series and in late 2016, Pokemon got a new season for the anime branch of the IP. Linking with the launch of the ‘Sun … Read More

The LEGO Ninjago Movie – Official Trailer Releases & September Release Confirmed

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While older audiences might scratch there heads when hearing the world ‘Ninjago’ but it’s a major IP for the LEGO brand. Having numerous TV show seasons on Cartoon Network, lots of LEGO sets, comic books and even portable games for the PS Vita & 3DS (including being a major franchise in the LEGO Dimensions series); this is a major franchise. The next major step is a feature film and with the success of LEGO in theaters, it makes a lot of sense … Read More

Skylanders Academy: Season 3 Greenlight & Season 2 Details (Activision Press Release)

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Skylanders is a series that face a few issues recently. With rumors of the 2017 game being scrapped and the announcement of a Switch version of Imaginators hitting launch, the future of Skylanders is a bit confused. While the game side of the franchise isn’t clear, what is however is the Skylanders Academy will continue not only with an already confirmed Season 2 but a recently green-lit Season 3. The full press release can be found below but one thing I to … Read More

Han Solo Movie Begins Production: First Set Photo Released

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The world of Star Wars keeps on growing day-by-day and with Rouge One being such a success for Disney & Lucasfilm, the Han Solo film coming along nicely isn’t surprising. First images of the set can be found in the above video released on IGN and we will likely learn more about the production as we get closer to it’s 2018 release.

Nostalgia Critic: Disneycember 2016 – Disney Sequels & TV Pilots

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Disney is famous for producing quality movies and films over the years, but many also remember seeing the odd Disney sequel pop up sometimes on your VHS shelf that your parent got you. Disney produced many of them and in honor of past years, Doug Walker had another round of an event called ‘Disneycember’. This is a yearly tradition where he takes a look across various Disney films. Past years focused on the mainline Disney animated films, Pixar’s various works, … Read More