Andre (Black Nerd Comedy) Visits Nickelodeon Studios for New Building Opening

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Well, this is interesting! For a non-gaming news post, I thought this would be fun to talk about, as I grew up with Nick cartoons over the years. YouTube gaming celebrity Andre “Black Nerd Comedy” was able to visit the new studio for Nick’s animation house. This was a really nice event based on his video as he was able to see old art that the animators produced over the years, talk with Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob and Ice King), and … Read More

Trauma Team TV Show Pilot Leaked – Based on the ‘Trauma Team Series’ Video Games

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TV shows based on video games are nothing new and still happen today. We got shows like Sonic Boom and Pac Man & The Ghostly Adventures in recent years for example. Seems like the Truama Team Series was going to get a live action TV series at some point, with the above pilot releasing online. Back in 2010, Instavision announced plans for a live-action TV series based on Atlus’ Wii game Trauma Team. Even though it sounded fairly ambitious in … Read More

Pokemon 20th Anniversary Movie Announced – Re-Telling of Ash’s First Adventure

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Surprising many, the new Pokemon movie that is releasing in 2017 is not based upon the recent season of Sun & Moon but rather, the very first region Ash started his adventure; Kanto. He will be experiencing a retelling of his very first adventure and as someone who grew up with Pokemon all these years…..this is amazing to see. The original series with the high production values, writing and quality that XYZ and Sun & Moon offer in their anime incarnations being … Read More

Interview with Chris Niosi (Kirbopher) on TOME Series, Voice Acting & Animation

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When you watch an animated series, one wonders what goes into the production; how do you make these characters on screen animate or interact with one another, even hearing their voices is interesting with you thinking ‘How does one voice this character?’ I have watched many animated productions over the years on both television and in movies, but animated series on the internet are quite interesting. They can take a lot of time to get completed but they are enjoyable, offer … Read More

Sonic Boom Season 2 – Music Reference to ‘Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog’ Discovered

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#SonicBoom writers really know their source material. #AoSTH — Kori-Maru 🎮 Waiting for 🌸Sakura Wars🌸 (@KoriMaru) October 29, 2016 Today marks the release of Sonic Boom Season 2 and already we are off to a solid start. It was an enjoyable episode but one thing many Sonic fans caught was a fight scene toward the end of the episode, heavily sounding like the opening theme to the 90’s show Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.  Thank you @KoriMaru and many other … Read More

Animated Klonoa Film in Production – Henshin and Hitoshi Ariga On Project

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The long under-used franchise Klonoa is a platforming series that did a lot for 2D & 3D gaming back in the PlayStation One era, with the release of the original Klonoa showing 2D & 3D games mixing in a very organic fashion. Later games in the series added on top of the puzzle/platforming template and the series closed out in 2008/2009 with a well-done remake of the very first Klonoa game on the Nintendo Wii. Interestingly, the series might be getting a … Read More

Twitch Now Lets Users Upload Pre-Recorded Video Content – Polygon

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Twitch is a major streaming platform but mainly for live streams, but this might change in the future thanks to a new update. Polygon released an article that announced the following. Twitch is primarily known as the premier place to watch livestreamed gameplay, but the company is ready to diversify. Users can now opt into an open beta that will let them upload videos to the platform, the company announced, giving them a new set of options for sharing their … Read More