Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness – Trailer and More Information

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PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness is coming to North America on September 13th and Europe on September 16th for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita as both a physical and digital release. In the near future, advanced technological developments have allowed one’s mental state and disposition to be quantified and profiled. For the public’s welfare, all emotions and thoughts are documented and managed by the Sibyl System. This system measures the quality of each person’s life by what is known as the Psycho-Pass, a … Read More

E3 Coverage – Thank you for all the Support!

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If you have watched on Twitter, Facebook and other social media, 3wirel has been very busy with gaming coverage this E3. We wanted to ensure that we shared as much as we could over the past few days and while some more coverage will happen tomorrow for some announcements and news we might have missed, we are sorta done with E3 news. With that said though, we will still offer gaming coverage that pops up online in addition to game … Read More

Sonic Boom Fire & Ice Gameplay Footage – Tokyo Joypolis 2015

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This is a old video showing the first gameplay of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice and the only one I can find online. It looks to improve on a number of things over the original Shattered Crystal and is very promising. Once footage of the title comes out from E3 this year, we will share it with you all and comment about the changes, fixes and more that the video touches upon.

Anime Review – Your Lie in April

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While E3 is a hectic time with many game announcements and lots of amazing games being shown off, sometimes we need that emotional experience that touches our hearts. Something that makes us realize we are human, understand out internal emotions and help us better appreciate the connections we have with others. Before E3, I watched this anime due to high recommendations online. And, I have to say; it was a magical experience. Should you give this musical adventure a watch?

Anime Review – Sword Art Online II

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If you read my review on Sword Art Online Season 1, then saying I had mixed opinions on the show is an understatement. It was all over the place quality wise and as a result, many felt torn on the series going forward. But many of the writers and the creator of the IP wanted to fix the series and turn it around with new projects. Two being Hollow Fragment on Vita (with it getting a PS4 version later on) … Read More

Anime Review – Toradora

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Anime explores a number of subject maters; action packed shows filled with adventures, more thought provoking shows that make you think about things and more. One genre is the romance anime, where we are rooting for the two main characters to connect with many challenges in their way. Sometimes this is done badly and that makes the show suffer greatly. But when its done right, the show can really pull those heart strings. Toradora is one of those anime and … Read More