Sonic Time Twisted (Overdrive Games) Released on PC – Fan Production Inspired by Classic Series

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Classic Sonic fun is great in 2017, with releases like Spark and upcoming games like Freedom Planet 2 & Sonic Mania scratching that high-speed platforming itch. But want some Classic Sonic action now while waiting for Mania? Then check out Sonic Time Twisted. Produced by Overbound Games and been in development for years at this point, it takes pages from Sonic 3&K in addition to Sonic CD to create a fun new classic-styled adventure. Perfect physics, three playable characters, new … Read More

Sonic Forces – Classic Sonic Gameplay (Green Hill Zone) Footage

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So Sonic Forces is confirmed to have three gameplay styles, with two being known. Modern Sonic retaining the core gameplay we’ve seen since Unleashed and Generations while the Blue Blur’s Classic counter part is returning for some retro-action fun. A new style is also going to be present but we know nothing about that currently. We got a taste of Classic Sonic in Forces via recent Nintendo Direct. Today, SEGA of Europe released (what I assume based on the resolution … Read More

Pokemon Sun & Moon anime U.S. release date

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  On May 12th the dub for the Sun & Moon anime comes to Disney XD. I find it a bit strange that it’s coming out this late even tho the games have been out since November. Normally they would release the show around the same time as the games release. Better late than never I suppose. I strongly recommend checking this series out it’s pretty good. Head to Alola with Ash and friends starting May 12! Catch #Pokemon the Series: … Read More

[VIDEO] Star Wars Battlefront II: Full Length Reveal Trailer

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Watch the full length reveal trailer for Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II from Star Wars Celebration. Live the untold Star Wars story of Iden, an elite Stormtrooper, in an original single-player story. Battle on land and in space in an expanded multiplayer experience with iconic heroes and villains, thrilling space battles, and a deep progression and customization system. Subscribe for upcoming Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II gameplay video’s: Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and … Read More

Jak & Daxter’s Adventures Coming to PlayStation 4 Through PS2 on PS4 Program

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While Nathan Drake had is (seemingly) last adventure on the PlayStation 4, Ellie going on a dark adventure in Last of Us Part II in the future and the naughty Bandicoot having an N. Sane run this June…Naughty Dog’s legacy is front and center in the PlayStation 4 library. But one duo is missing…and while this isn’t a brand new adventure, games can play the iconic travels of JaK & Daxter on PlayStation 4. Through using the PS2 on PS4 … Read More

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy (PS4/Xbox One/PC) Announced – Fall 2017

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Naruto is a major series, with it spanning many game releases. One sector of these games includes the Ninja Storm titles, which have impressed many through detailed visuals and fun combat. The games were locked to PlayStation 3 (Storm 1), Xbox 360 (Storm 2-3) and PC (Storm 2-3). Now, you can play all three games in one spot through a ‘Legacy’ collection on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in the near future. This even includes the most recent … Read More

Lego City Undercover (Nintendo Switch) – Load Time Comparisons

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When you play Lego City Undercover on the Nintendo Switch, you have a few options. You could either play it off the cart, or install it on the system’s internal memory. Does it help with loading? The above video indicates installing the game makes load times far shorter, which is helpful honestly. Having a game load fast for an open world adventure is great, more so if you play on the go.

Sonic Forces – Nintendo Direct Trailer

RK128GamingLeave a Comment Sonic Forces is going to launch later this year across Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. Considering this, the game had a major spot in the most recent Nintendo Direct with new information and footage. Classic Sonic gameplay got shown off for the first time and we learned about a third possible character joining the hedgehog duo across this new adventure. The Classic Sonic footage is very interesting, as he is back at Green Hill Zone. Granted this … Read More