Sonic Advance Review – Game Boy Advance

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Sonic Advance is a huge game despite it’s small nature. It is not only Sonic’s first 2D adventure post SEGA’s departure of making consoles but one of the very first Sonic games to grace a Nintendo console. With high expectations, SEGA got Sonic Team & Dimps to produce a new 2D Sonic for the Game Boy Advance. With this new hardware at the time, can SEGA prove that the GBA can handle a little blast processing?

Mega Man Legends 2 Review – PlayStation One

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Mega Man Legends is one of the more underrated of the Mega Man series of games. It takes the platforming elements seen in 3D platformers but adds a focus on exploration and puzzle solving to the mix. The result is a game series that while small (only two games and a spin-off) are still fondly remembered by the gaming community. Many love the original Legends, but what about it’s sequel? Legends 2 is a game that had a lot of … Read More

Sonic Battle Review – Game Boy Advance

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Sonic got a few spin-offs on the GBA outside of Sonic Advance Trilogy; Sonic Battle was developed by Sonic Team and it is a sudo-3D brawler for the platform. The series entered the fight game genre in the past with Sonic The Fighters but with the jump to the GBA, Sonic Team went in a more Smashing direction for Sonic Fighters. With a story mode, multiplayer support and custom-character movesets, does this game age well and offer fun brawling combat? Lets find … Read More

Retro Review: Toy Story 2 – Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (Release: 1999 / Platform: PS1, Dreamcast, N64)

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Games based off movies are an interesting beast, as sometimes they can really surprise you. Many fall under expected genres like ‘the 3D platformer’ or ‘action/adventure’. Pixar and Disney were no strangers to offering up chances to make games based off movies they produced at the time. Travelers Tales was given the keys to the ‘Toy Story’ IP when the original film released, producing a visually impressive game. When the second Toy Story movie entered production, Travelers Tales was tasked … Read More

Rayman 3 HD Review – PS3/360

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The Rayman series is an interesting franchise. Starting its humble origins during the PS1 era as a 2D platformer and receiving a grand sequel that people still fondly remember, the series continued with the release of Rayman Origins and Legends. Back in 2003, we got a sequel to Rayman 2 called Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc releasing on various platforms to critical acclaim. The game came to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in 2012, coming into a new generation off … Read More

Retro Review: Metroid Prime (Release: 2002 / Platforms: Nintendo GameCube & Wii)

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When people talk about gaming classics from Nintendo, many talk about titles like Super Smash Brothers Melee or Super Mario 64. But one game many also come back to with such praise is Metroid Prime. This title faced very difficult development, with Retro Studios facing many hardships getting the title finished. Scrapping other projects in development within the studio, reworking core gameplay concepts and Shigeru Miyamoto helping with development; this was a project Nintendo had a lot of faith in for success despite it’s … Read More

Retro Review: Tak 2 – The Staff of Dreams (Release: 2004 / Platforms: PS2, GC, Xbox)

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The 3D platformer is a genre of games that has been coming back the past few years. However the genre was very popular during late 90’s and early 2000’s, with all kinds releasing. One series stood out to me personally growing up was ‘Tak & the Power of Juju’. Published by Nick Games/THQ and developed by Avalanche Software, this series started out as a modest success. It later got two sequel games and in the mid 2000’s, a cartoon series. With that said, … Read More

Retro Review: Klonoa Door to Phantomile (Platform: PlayStation One / Release: 1998)

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Klonoa is a franchise that is heavily under appreciated. The series is a fun puzzle/platformer that blends 2D platforming with simple but inventive mechanics in addition to some impressive usage of the 3D plane. The game that started it all, is the original classic on the PlayStation One; Door to Phantomile. It takes a simple concept and fleshes it out with a powerful story and strong core gameplay. But does it hold up today?  

Super Sonic Holiday Dash – Sonic & The Black Knight Review (Nintendo Wii)

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After the release of Sonic Unleashed, SEGA and ‘The Storybook Team’ within Sonic Team released a new game called Sonic & The Black Knight. This game would take the on-rails gameplay from Sonic & the Secret Rings but fix every issue that title had. Better mission structure, refined skill system, better story and less focus on motion controls. Does this sword swinging adventure cut through the vines and offer a fun experience? In the next part of our Super Sonic Holiday Dash, … Read More


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Megaman X6 is the 6th numerical installment of the mainline X series, and the 7th chronologically (yes Xtreme 2 is somehow canon, no I don’t know how Capcom’s silly plot writers will explain it :D) and with it comes a deviation away from the fast-paced action setting of previous X games to a more exploration based type of game. Megaman X6 was a game released not long after X5 as a unexplained ending and a dispute on who actually was … Read More