Rayman 3 HD Review – PS3/360

The Rayman series is an interesting franchise. Starting its humble origins during the PS1 era as a 2D platformer and receiving a grand sequel that people still fondly remember, the series continued with the release of Rayman Origins and Legends.

Back in 2003, we got a sequel to Rayman 2 called Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc releasing on various platforms to critical acclaim. The game came to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in 2012, coming into a new generation off the heels of Rayman Origins critical success. So does Rayman 3 hold up in the modern era or has it aged over time? Lets find out!

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Ratchet & Clank All 4 One Review (Platform: PS3 / Release: 2011)

The Ratchet & Clank series is famous for offering constantly quality gameplay that appeals to all ages. When the Future series ended for a short while through A Crack in Time, Insomniac Games started work on a new Ratchet game a few years later.

Instead of another mainline platforming adventure, Insomniac Games produces a four player co-op adventure with a larger focus on platforming instead of shooting. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One is one of the  very few 4-player co-op 3d platformers on the market to this day too.

Considering the legacy of the series that must mean this has a lot to live up to. Does the game still offer the great line up of weapons past games alongside the tight gameplay and story of prior titles?

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Super Sonic Holiday Dash – Sonic Unleashed HD (PS3/360) Review

Sonic is a franchise I have talked about on 3WIREL since I started writing for the site. I love many of the series games and while it has a sour perception in the gaming landscape sometimes, I will dash alongside as the blue blur continues offering new adventures to undertake.

I wanted to celebrate the end of 2016 by talking about a few specific Sonic games I have a lot to comment on. Sonic Unleashed is a game with lofty goals to accomplish when it released; repair the brands tarnished nature after the critical failings of Sonic 06.

Sonic Team, fresh with new faces and a new person leading the team, set out to make the best Sonic game ever made. Do they accomplish this goal? Lets find out together.

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Sonic CD 2011 [Review]


   A personal perceptive of me about Sonic: Well, well, well… I hear these words again and again and again about sonic from the majority of people claiming that “Sonic SUCKS” or “Sonic is no more good” and such things like that… that would be what others refer also as “Sonic Cycle” which I don’t claim its always true and will never be personally because I am tired of hearing and already invalid since a while ago. Oh, we all most of us knew, saw and tried what that chaotic game so-called “Sonic 06” as being horribly optimized and rush in every way that half of the fans “rage quitted” loving the series.

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