Mario Sports Superstars (Nintendo 3DS) Review

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Mario is no stranger to the arts of sport. Taking a stab at all forms of play including baseball, extreme soccer and even having slick dance moves at one point; the plumber and his friends are known for their sporting adventures. But what happens when a few of these sports are contained within one spot for pick up and play fun? Mario Sports Superstars from Nintendo, Bandai-Namco Games and Camelot compiles three classic sports and two new ones for Mario … Read More

Uncanny Valley Review – PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, PC

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The Horror genre is one of gaming’s most interesting, as despite taking similar themes and settings, you can twist them in creative ways to things interesting. Focusing on either action or traditional horror, it’s a genre of games many enjoy fondly. The PS Vita platform is no stranger to horror games both suspenseful and action packed, so it’s a great system for horror gaming. A new release on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 is a game called Uncanny Valley which … Read More

Spheroids Review – PlayStation Vita, PS4, Nintendo Wii U

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2D Platformers come in all shapes and sizes, with each style of the platformer resulting in creative productions being formed. By using old mechanics in fresh ways, you can have a classic-feeling platformer still feel new and creative. Taking elements new and old, Spheroids sets out to create a charming experience that honors the tried and true genre. Does it offer a great experience? Or do the spheres block a path to success? Let’s equip our hook gun and take … Read More

Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure Review – PS Vita & PC

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Adventure games are a genre of gaming that always offer great elements. Telling powerful stories, bringing a smile to your face through well-written jokes, and using the gaming medium in inventive ways to offer fresh experiences. This genre of gaming was present on PC’s for decades but it has a clear home on consoles and portables alike this generation. The title Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure is a adventure game that released on the PlayStation Vita in Late 2016. After having critical … Read More

Guacamelee Review (PS Vita, PS3, PC, Wii U, Xbox One) – Brawling Metroidvania Action

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The Meroidvania genre has games in all shapes and sizes but many of them don’t focus on using melee combat. While games like the Castlevania series have some melee combat, the main focus is using long-ranged weapons like whips and magic. Metroid is also known for long-ranged combat with Samus’ various weapons and beams. But what about a game set within the Metroidvania genre that not only uses physical combat, but uses it in creative ways to solve puzzles and get … Read More

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Review (Nintendo DS)

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Sonic is a series that speeds through the platforming genre at record pace, creating experiences people never forget. But the Blue Blur never really ventured into the realm of role playing games unlike his friendly plumber rival. While Mario hopped through the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond in many RPG titles developed by Square Enix, AlphaDream and Intelligent Systems, Sonic never touched the genre. That was until 2007, with SEGA announcing that famous studio Bioware was working on a Sonic the … Read More

Dustforce Review – PC, PS Vita, Xbox 360, PS3

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2D action platformers are a genre of games many enjoyed over the years. But to stay fresh and creative in the ever expanding genre, many games tend to go in odd directions and explore unique concepts. Playing as a sack of meat to save his bandage girlfriend, jumping in/out of the screen to kill mud-themed monsters, and running around as a dragon with speed rivaling a blue hedgehog across colorful landscapes; the genre isn’t afraid to explore interesting concepts. So … Read More

Risk of Rain Review – PS Vita, PS4, PC

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Video Games focusing on randomly generated elements are quite interesting. They have elements shifting depending on your current run while also having unique gameplay systems to ensure every run feels rewarding. I love games like this personally, as the ones that feel ‘fair’ while also providing challenge show this style of gaming at it’s best. Risk of Rain is one such example of a title within the Roguelike genre of gaming, having you explore hostile planets and fighting back various … Read More

Retro Review: Yoshi’s Island (SNES & Game Boy Advance)

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Nintendo are famous for making quality platformers, but not all of them stared Mario and his brother Luigi. After the release of Super Mario World, Nintendo push Yoshi in more titles due to him being a popular character. This sparked the idea of making a 2D platformer using Yoshi as the main character. Mario would be present too, but as a baby. The origins of Mario and Yoshi going on a grand adventure happening at the same time! A novel … Read More

Mega Man 1 Review – Nintendo Entertainment System

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Mega Man is a series many love and enjoy. Starting on the NES in the late 1980’s, it was Capcom’s early effort to produce an original game for consoles after having much success making arcade games. While the series continued for many years and had many releases, it’s important to remember the origins of the series. Through a blending of concepts from arcade titles and the traditional 2D platformer, Mega Man did a lot to feel unique in the genre. … Read More