Lara Croft GO Review – PlayStation Vita, PS4, iOS, Android, PC

When taking a console series and transitioning it to mobile platforms, it can be difficult to capture the feeling of the source material in making the game ‘work’ on touch screen focused devices. You need to think of careful design ideas to capture the feeling and soul of the source material but using it in a new way. Square Enix Montreal was able to accomplish this with the title Hitman GO, making that franchise work on mobile devices in a clever way.

Tomb Raider from the PlayStation One era is focused on platforming, puzzle solving and exploring dangerous ruins. So how do you make that work on mobile? And does this mobile game find a home on consoles?

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Sonic CD 2011 [Review]


   A personal perceptive of me about Sonic: Well, well, well… I hear these words again and again and again about sonic from the majority of people claiming that “Sonic SUCKS” or “Sonic is no more good” and such things like that… that would be what others refer also as “Sonic Cycle” which I don’t claim its always true and will never be personally because I am tired of hearing and already invalid since a while ago. Oh, we all most of us knew, saw and tried what that chaotic game so-called “Sonic 06” as being horribly optimized and rush in every way that half of the fans “rage quitted” loving the series.

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