Prince of Perisa (2008) Review – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

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The Prince of Persia series has had a long legacy. Before Ubisoft discovered the Sands of Time, Prince had a few 2D platforming adventures. They were groundbreaking and the series first leap into 3D had some issues. But Ubisoft got used the IP to produce the Sands of Time Trilogy. Many loved those games for how groundbreaking they were through blending 3D platforming, dynamic combat and time-reversing powers. It was a game series many fondly remember today. When the PS3/360 … Read More

Retro Review: Toy Story 2 – Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (Release: 1999 / Platform: PS1, Dreamcast, N64)

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Games based off movies are an interesting beast, as sometimes they can really surprise you. Many fall under expected genres like ‘the 3D platformer’ or ‘action/adventure’. Pixar and Disney were no strangers to offering up chances to make games based off movies they produced at the time. Travelers Tales was given the keys to the ‘Toy Story’ IP when the original film released, producing a visually impressive game. When the second Toy Story movie entered production, Travelers Tales was tasked … Read More

Rayman 3 HD Review – PS3/360

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The Rayman series is an interesting franchise. Starting its humble origins during the PS1 era as a 2D platformer and receiving a grand sequel that people still fondly remember, the series continued with the release of Rayman Origins and Legends. Back in 2003, we got a sequel to Rayman 2 called Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc releasing on various platforms to critical acclaim. The game came to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in 2012, coming into a new generation off … Read More

Retro Review: Metroid Prime (Release: 2002 / Platforms: Nintendo GameCube & Wii)

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When people talk about gaming classics from Nintendo, many talk about titles like Super Smash Brothers Melee or Super Mario 64. But one game many also come back to with such praise is Metroid Prime. This title faced very difficult development, with Retro Studios facing many hardships getting the title finished. Scrapping other projects in development within the studio, reworking core gameplay concepts and Shigeru Miyamoto helping with development; this was a project Nintendo had a lot of faith in for success despite it’s … Read More

Retro Review: Tak 2 – The Staff of Dreams (Release: 2004 / Platforms: PS2, GC, Xbox)

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The 3D platformer is a genre of games that has been coming back the past few years. However the genre was very popular during late 90’s and early 2000’s, with all kinds releasing. One series stood out to me personally growing up was ‘Tak & the Power of Juju’. Published by Nick Games/THQ and developed by Avalanche Software, this series started out as a modest success. It later got two sequel games and in the mid 2000’s, a cartoon series. With that said, … Read More

Lara Croft GO Review – PlayStation Vita, PS4, iOS, Android, PC

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When taking a console series and transitioning it to mobile platforms, it can be difficult to capture the feeling of the source material in making the game ‘work’ on touch screen focused devices. You need to think of careful design ideas to capture the feeling and soul of the source material but using it in a new way. Square Enix Montreal was able to accomplish this with the title Hitman GO, making that franchise work on mobile devices in a clever way. … Read More

Retro Review: Klonoa Door to Phantomile (Platform: PlayStation One / Release: 1998)

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Klonoa is a franchise that is heavily under appreciated. The series is a fun puzzle/platformer that blends 2D platforming with simple but inventive mechanics in addition to some impressive usage of the 3D plane. The game that started it all, is the original classic on the PlayStation One; Door to Phantomile. It takes a simple concept and fleshes it out with a powerful story and strong core gameplay. But does it hold up today?  

Shantae: Half Genie Hero Review – PlayStation Vita, PS4, Nintendo Wii U, PC, Xbox One

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Shantae is a series that has been around since 2002 and has danced it’s way into the hearts of many gamers over the years. Hopping to the beat of Risky’s Revenge, swash-buckling across the wicked seas in Pirates Curse and currently being a strong example of a successful Kickstarter project. Half-Genie Hero marks many firsts for the franchise; coming to high definition consoles, coming off a game without Shantae’s transforming powers and riding on the back of a successful Kickstarter. So saying … Read More

Ratchet & Clank All 4 One Review (Platform: PS3 / Release: 2011)

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The Ratchet & Clank series is famous for offering constantly quality gameplay that appeals to all ages. When the Future series ended for a short while through A Crack in Time, Insomniac Games started work on a new Ratchet game a few years later. Instead of another mainline platforming adventure, Insomniac Games produces a four player co-op adventure with a larger focus on platforming instead of shooting. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One is one of the  very few 4-player co-op … Read More

Super Sonic Holiday Dash – Sonic & The Black Knight Review (Nintendo Wii)

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After the release of Sonic Unleashed, SEGA and ‘The Storybook Team’ within Sonic Team released a new game called Sonic & The Black Knight. This game would take the on-rails gameplay from Sonic & the Secret Rings but fix every issue that title had. Better mission structure, refined skill system, better story and less focus on motion controls. Does this sword swinging adventure cut through the vines and offer a fun experience? In the next part of our Super Sonic Holiday Dash, … Read More