Sonic Battle Review – Game Boy Advance

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Sonic got a few spin-offs on the GBA outside of Sonic Advance Trilogy; Sonic Battle was developed by Sonic Team and it is a sudo-3D brawler for the platform. The series entered the fight game genre in the past with Sonic The Fighters but with the jump to the GBA, Sonic Team went in a more Smashing direction for Sonic Fighters. With a story mode, multiplayer support and custom-character movesets, does this game age well and offer fun brawling combat? Lets find … Read More

Sonic Lost World 3DS Review

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The Blue Blur was on a good run from 2010 through 2012 with games that were both commercially and critically successful, rebuilding the series brand. But SEGA wanted to try out a new formula, so they let Sonic Team experiment with the 3D formula they nailed down with Sonic Colors & Generations. Say hello to Sonic Lost World, blending the series 3D platforming from the Adventure days with level designs/ideas that might be inspired by the red plumber’s tour through … Read More

Mario Kart 7 Review – Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo is infamous for producing the Mario Kart series over the years and many love the franchise to this day. Offering fun racing action for the entire family that sometimes can make you want to toss the controller at the wall (curse you blue shell!) but you still come back to for one more round. It is a legacy series for Nintendo and many systems get one Mario Kart per generation. Early in the 3DS’s life cycle, we saw the … Read More

Prince of Perisa (2008) Review – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

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The Prince of Persia series has had a long legacy. Before Ubisoft discovered the Sands of Time, Prince had a few 2D platforming adventures. They were groundbreaking and the series first leap into 3D had some issues. But Ubisoft got used the IP to produce the Sands of Time Trilogy. Many loved those games for how groundbreaking they were through blending 3D platforming, dynamic combat and time-reversing powers. It was a game series many fondly remember today. When the PS3/360 … Read More

Retro Review: Toy Story 2 – Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (Release: 1999 / Platform: PS1, Dreamcast, N64)

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Games based off movies are an interesting beast, as sometimes they can really surprise you. Many fall under expected genres like ‘the 3D platformer’ or ‘action/adventure’. Pixar and Disney were no strangers to offering up chances to make games based off movies they produced at the time. Travelers Tales was given the keys to the ‘Toy Story’ IP when the original film released, producing a visually impressive game. When the second Toy Story movie entered production, Travelers Tales was tasked … Read More

Rayman 3 HD Review – PS3/360

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The Rayman series is an interesting franchise. Starting its humble origins during the PS1 era as a 2D platformer and receiving a grand sequel that people still fondly remember, the series continued with the release of Rayman Origins and Legends. Back in 2003, we got a sequel to Rayman 2 called Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc releasing on various platforms to critical acclaim. The game came to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in 2012, coming into a new generation off … Read More

Metacritic Lists Top Reviewed Games of 2016

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The site Metacritic is infamous in the gaming industry for compiling review scores for many outlets and making a overall average. This has been used by many developers and publishers to decide how they can improve or better games they are currently producing. 2016 was a strong year for gaming and the results can be seen above. Metacritic released the overall review ranking of every game listed on the site and complied it in a nice, neat list. Many top … Read More

Super Mario 3D Land Review – Nintendo 3DS

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3D Mario games are groundbreaking adventures, where the plumber pushes what the platforming genre can do. Establishing analog control with Mario 64, having some of the best water effects in a platformer through Sunshine and even exploring the great beyond with Galaxy; the series broke new grounds in a few ways. Mario 3D Land is unique, as it doesn’t want to push boundaries. Asking the simple question “Can we take 2D Mario and literary bring it to 3D?”, Mario 3D … Read More

Retro Review: Metroid Prime (Release: 2002 / Platforms: Nintendo GameCube & Wii)

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When people talk about gaming classics from Nintendo, many talk about titles like Super Smash Brothers Melee or Super Mario 64. But one game many also come back to with such praise is Metroid Prime. This title faced very difficult development, with Retro Studios facing many hardships getting the title finished. Scrapping other projects in development within the studio, reworking core gameplay concepts and Shigeru Miyamoto helping with development; this was a project Nintendo had a lot of faith in for success despite it’s … Read More

Mega Man 8 Review (PSX, SAT 1996)

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Mega Man 8 was the first mainline Mega Man game and second Mega Man game overall to be released in CD format. This would become the biggest & most updated Mega Man game in the original series until 2006; featuring animated cutscenes, CD quality music, enhanced graphics and sprites, and HQ audio. Has the game held up after all these years? Let’s take a look.