Super Sonic Holiday Dash – Sonic Unleashed HD (PS3/360) Review

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Sonic is a franchise I have talked about on 3WIREL since I started writing for the site. I love many of the series games and while it has a sour perception in the gaming landscape sometimes, I will dash alongside as the blue blur continues offering new adventures to undertake. I wanted to celebrate the end of 2016 by talking about a few specific Sonic games I have a lot to comment on. Sonic Unleashed is a game with lofty goals to … Read More

Darkest Dungeon Review – PS Vita, PlayStation 4, PC

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Role playing games have you explore dangerous locations and push your party into great dangers. But when the battle is done, most of the time, they just chug down a potion and keep marching on. When people fight dangerous battles in real-life, they face horrible stress and emotional trauma. So what happens, when you blend the dark realities of battle with basic mechanics of the traditional role playing game? Say hello to Darkest Dungeon, a Kickstarted role playing adventure that crept … Read More


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Megaman X6 is the 6th numerical installment of the mainline X series, and the 7th chronologically (yes Xtreme 2 is somehow canon, no I don’t know how Capcom’s silly plot writers will explain it :D) and with it comes a deviation away from the fast-paced action setting of previous X games to a more exploration based type of game. Megaman X6 was a game released not long after X5 as a unexplained ending and a dispute on who actually was … Read More

Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels Review (3DO, 1995)

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In 1995 we had seen First Person Shooters and action games from Blake Stone to PO’ed, titles that experimented or tried refining the genre. We wouldn’t see any real huge leaps in design until after 1996, however Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels on the 3DO is a game that stands out quite well from the other First Person Action games of the day. Based on Warhammer 40k, SHV is an ambitious game. From commanding troops, to weapon variety, and … Read More

Shantae & The Pirates Curse Review – Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Steam

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Shantae is a series of games that has defined WayFoward since the release of Shantae on the Gameboy Color. They worked on many other productions before Shantae but it was their very first original franchise and with amazing animation, charming cast and solid core mechanics, the series only grew as future releases came out in the future. In 2015, after many years of waiting, Pirates Curse finally released on 3DS and Wii U, having a PC and PS4 version not long after. … Read More

Castle Invasion: Throne Out Review – PS Vita, Mobile Devices

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Defending a base by shooting objects at the attackers is always fun, with many video games over the years playing on this aspect over the years. Whenever you are a space ship shooting lasers at invaders or a solder using a gun to defeat waves of foes, the genre is always visually interesting. But when you change the way you defend your base from attacks, that is when things get interesting. Castle Invasion: Throne Out is one of those games, where … Read More

Super Mario Maker for 3DS Review

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The 2D Platformer is a genre that is iconic to many. It requires you to have fast reflexes and tight control over your character but it needs quality level design to unlock the full potential for gameplay. The 2D Super Mario games have done this for decades, starting with Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Entertainment System and continued with games like Super Mario Brothers 3 on the NES and Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo’s launch. While 2D Mario came back in … Read More


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The Last Guardian has been in development for years, and many fans of Team Ico’s previous works, ICO (PS2, 2001) and Shadow of The Colossus (PS2, 2005), have been anticipating the best game from the studio yet. The goal of the creators is clearly to tell a story through interactivity instead of directly through writing or speech. The goal is to tell the story visually and through the input of the player, an interesting idea that is usually omitted from … Read More


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Final Fantasy XV has a very interesting history behind it, an it may be one of the most important games Square Enix will release given what this game may or may not do for their biggest franchise and the company as as whole on the Japanese side of its production studios. To explain this I’ll go briefly over a bit of history to make sure the readers understand why this is by.

Root Letter Review – PS Vita & PS4

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Visual Novels can offer us a number of adventures, as due to the story-heavy nature of the genre, they can engage the player through narrative hooks and adventure game elements. They can also offer visually impressive experiences that suck you into the world of the game, making you treasure your journey across many playthroughs. The visual novel Root Letter for the PS Vita and PS4 platforms honors the visual novel genre with impressive it’s impressive presentation, enjoyable writing and mystery-novel elements. But … Read More