Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) Review – SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive

Sonic the Hedgehog on the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive is one of the most iconic games in the industry, as it helped SEGA find footing in the console space against Nintendo’s SNES back in the early 90’s. Sonic is still around today but he had humble origins with his very first adventure.

Sonic was made to be anti-Mario and was built to have speed-focused level designs. It resulted in one of the most iconic gaming characters being created and many love the series to this day.

We covered the series many times on 3WIREL but I feel like today is a great day to dash through his Genesis adventures back-to-back. Lets take a look at the game that started it all and see if the game holds up today as a fun action/platformer.

Lets roll into action and see what Mr. Needlemouse has to offer in his very first adventure!

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Bionic Commando (2009) Review – PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Rebooting a franchise for the modern age takes work. You have to look at where it came from and say ‘What can I do to make it work today?’ but also trying to find out how to make a 2D classic work in 3D. Trying to answer both at the same time, Capcom teamed up with studio Grin to revive the iconic Bionic Commando series in two ways.

Grin released the critically acclaimed Rearmed in 2008 and followed it up a year later with a 3D revival continuing the series story with Bionic Commando.

Proving they can make great games with Rearmed, does Grin produce a strong third person action game that not only honors the series but brings it into 3D for the first time?

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Prince of Perisa (2008) Review – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

The Prince of Persia series has had a long legacy. Before Ubisoft discovered the Sands of Time, Prince had a few 2D platforming adventures. They were groundbreaking and the series first leap into 3D had some issues. But Ubisoft got used the IP to produce the Sands of Time Trilogy. Many loved those games for how groundbreaking they were through blending 3D platforming, dynamic combat and time-reversing powers. It was a game series many fondly remember today.

When the PS3/360 released, the series was morphed into the Assassins Creed series but another game using the Prince of Persia name released; Prince of Persia (2008). This title wanted to bring the series into a larger world, offer simplified controls and have a team of two characters connected together. Does this result in a strong experience? Lets travel through the sands and find out!

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Retro Review: Toy Story 2 – Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (Release: 1999 / Platform: PS1, Dreamcast, N64)

Games based off movies are an interesting beast, as sometimes they can really surprise you. Many fall under expected genres like ‘the 3D platformer’ or ‘action/adventure’. Pixar and Disney were no strangers to offering up chances to make games based off movies they produced at the time. Travelers Tales was given the keys to the ‘Toy Story’ IP when the original film released, producing a visually impressive game.

When the second Toy Story movie entered production, Travelers Tales was tasked again with producing a platforming adventure. This time with stronger hardware on the PS1, Nintendo 64 and SEGA Dreamcast. Does Buzz’s 3D platformer romp offer great fun and most importantly, does it hold up today?

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Shantae & The Pirates Curse Review – Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Steam

Shantae is a series of games that has defined WayFoward since the release of Shantae on the Gameboy Color. They worked on many other productions before Shantae but it was their very first original franchise and with amazing animation, charming cast and solid core mechanics, the series only grew as future releases came out in the future.

In 2015, after many years of waiting, Pirates Curse finally released on 3DS and Wii U, having a PC and PS4 version not long after. Changing up the formula a bit with pirate abilities and more linear structure, does Pirate’s Curse offer a fun experience to both newcomers and fans alike?

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Sonic CD 2011 [Review]


   A personal perceptive of me about Sonic: Well, well, well… I hear these words again and again and again about sonic from the majority of people claiming that “Sonic SUCKS” or “Sonic is no more good” and such things like that… that would be what others refer also as “Sonic Cycle” which I don’t claim its always true and will never be personally because I am tired of hearing and already invalid since a while ago. Oh, we all most of us knew, saw and tried what that chaotic game so-called “Sonic 06” as being horribly optimized and rush in every way that half of the fans “rage quitted” loving the series.

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