Anime Review – Your Lie in April

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While E3 is a hectic time with many game announcements and lots of amazing games being shown off, sometimes we need that emotional experience that touches our hearts. Something that makes us realize we are human, understand out internal emotions and help us better appreciate the connections we have with others. Before E3, I watched this anime due to high recommendations online. And, I have to say; it was a magical experience. Should you give this musical adventure a watch?

Update – Conference Coverage For Mon/Tues.

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Hello everyone. E3 time is huge with a lot of news to cover. So, we will be covering all three conferences tomorrow; Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony. We will have a format similar to the Bethesda Conference Information Roll-Out; a general breakdown covering most of the news and unique articles for videos, trailers and more information. Lets have a great E3 and hope you all enjoy this grand gaming event!

[RUMOR] Nintendo NX Playable at EGX 2016

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Nintendo’s upcoming platform while not being shown off during this E3, it might be shown off later this year. Today, a rumor came out implying that we might get a chance to play the system for ourselves this September.   The EGX event is UK’s biggest video games event. Here you can find the most anticipated console and PC games, all playable weeks or months before they’re released. In addition, they also presentations by game designers from world renowned studios, areas dedicated … Read More