Site Test – Social Posting #1


We have encountered an issue with social media autosharing and would like to make a small set of posts to test this..

If you come from any social site for 3WIREL!, then it works.

Content Update for August – New Reviews, Long Articles & More

Hello everyone. I’m sure many of you are new to the site, considering the Prey 2 article I wrote got a lot of attention with some of the highest view counts of any article I wrote on the site thus far. I want to say thank you for taking a look at this site and we will have a lot more content coming.

But before I share future plans, I want to discuss something regarding the Prey 2 article. I read some comments on social media and gaming forums regarding the piece and saw posts suggesting that the sources were not strong enough. Just want to say that the developers who worked on the project shared the article on social media and said I was right with my comments. Hope this re-ensures people the authenticity of the content, as that is important to us on 3wirel.

Moving on, we have a lot of news covering coming the next few days and a number of reviews/first impressions articles planed for release.

  • Book of Demons
  • Space Ribbon
  • Black Hole Hazard
  • Hexoscope
  • Machine Made: Rebirth
  • Big Action Mega Fight!
  • Metroid Prime Federation Force
  • Project Diva X
  • Attack on Titan (PS3/PS4/Vita)

We have even more reviews planed in the future but we will announce them once we are sure we will be able to cover them.

Regarding other content, various anime and movies will be reviewed later in the month as well.

Lastly, long articles like the Celebrating An Anniversary – Sonic the Hedgehog Series, Metroid’s Anniversary Piece and the Prey 2 Piece will be more common on 3wirel with lessons learned from past articles being present in the upcoming ones.

Thank you all so much for supporting 3wirel & hope you all look forward to our future content on the site!

3WIREL! is now available on Apple News and Play Newsstand


Good news to those who follow their news via Apple News or Newsstand (Google Play), 3WIREL! is now officially available on both of those platforms and you can start reading all the gaming news goodness (plus some extras and other subjects from our editors/users such as Anime, TV/Film, and more!) by clicking on either of the following buttons below:

Happy reading, and stay tuned for more news.

(in addition to being our reader/registered user)

3WIREL! on Facebook’s URL handle has changed


We have a small but quick update:

3WIREL!’s Facebook URL handle is now changed from Triwub to 3WIREL for convenience, which can mean more people will be able to enjoy 3WIREL via Facebook more easily.

Go like our official 3WIREL Facebook page now!

3WIREL! Site Update (Minor): A picture within a thousand words..


3WIREL! has just received a minor but useful update to one of its main functions on the frontend (logged in and out), this includes: fixes to functions below the banner and enhancements to it.

Changelog (26th June 2016 – Sunday):

  • Fixed overflow dropdown menu issue for both logged in and out frontends
  • Enhanced logged out menu (iconology and divider added with a new link: Privacy)
  • Added a new avatar menu with same enhancements done from logged out view, now for logged in view
  • Other changes include brief descriptions for categories/topics with a new category in the menu: Tech
  • Other minor enhancements have been also done to some functions and cosmetic changes

That’s all for the recent changes in the site, major changes will be announced as soon as planning phase is assured to begin later next month (hopefully).

E3 Coverage – Thank you for all the Support!

If you have watched on Twitter, Facebook and other social media, 3wirel has been very busy with gaming coverage this E3. We wanted to ensure that we shared as much as we could over the past few days and while some more coverage will happen tomorrow for some announcements and news we might have missed, we are sorta done with E3 news.

With that said though, we will still offer gaming coverage that pops up online in addition to game reviews and various other topics like the Sonic Anniversary Articles to resume and more movie & anime review coming soon as well.

Thank you all for supporting 3wirel these past few weeks and we are so happy that we are a source of gaming news coverage for you all!

3WIREL! Site Update – Removal of GINE and Store pages

cropped-Untitled-1241.png3WIREL! has recently received a minor update to reflect the changes that will scaleback the site in order to focus on articles and reviews, this does not mean those downscale will be permanent. It would also mean that future plans for the site will be taken even more seriously, so the scale back is a necessary step to move the site forward.

Those changes include removal of two pages: GINE and Store

And here are the reasons why:

  • GINE has been in hiatus for a long time and will not post any updates until I (Motwera) stumble upon someone else to help make the game a reality, but this is not the time and I think people will appreciate being more realistic about updates for an unrealized project (at this time, but hopefully be realized in the future with assistance of someone competent)
  • The Store page has been removed to explore ways of providing paid merchandise and discounted downloadable games via an affiliation (if possible), and we would like to take profit and shipping items seriously since it would be a colossal screw up to have a mismanaged store online.

Overall, these updates will be necessary to move the site into the next milestone, and not hinder the progress we have been making towards gaming news reporting and reviews of games, TV shows, anime, and movies.

3WIREL!’s Official Discord Server is here – Come and chat with us together!

I am proud to announce that we have an official Discord server for all of you to come and chat/hang with us together and optionally, use our general voice channel as a way to orally discuss things about gaming, technology, and entertainment in general.

Over the coming months, if the initiative is successful, we will be expanding and improving the channel alongside the website, and we would love to see you have fun and chat with us on daily/weekly basis on Discord!

Come join us @ Discord via this link..

3WIREL! is back.


Come visit and see our previous post about the future of 3WIREL!

We will start posting gaming and other entertainment news soon (hopefully).

Major update for 3WIREL! regarding the future of it


Well, hello there, readers and members,
I have some things to tell you, as I promised, the next major update and redesign for 3WIREL! is on the horizon, and I want to make sure that more people could get involved and slowly transform it into the next level of media entertainment and community discussion!

I am sorry that this is taking quite long, but be patient, this is a long-term plan for the future of 3WIREL!, its been in the plans for few years, and now I am taking upon it for the first time since the move from Weebly to WP.
Here is 2 lists to note:

Continue reading Major update for 3WIREL! regarding the future of it