3WIREL! is back.

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Come visit and see our previous post about the future of 3WIREL! We will start posting gaming and other entertainment news soon (hopefully).

Major update for 3WIREL! regarding the future of it

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Well, hello there, readers and members, I have some things to tell you, as I promised, the next major update and redesign for 3WIREL! is on the horizon, and I want to make sure that more people could get involved and slowly transform it into the next level of media entertainment and community discussion! I am sorry that this is taking quite long, but be patient, this is a long-term plan for the future of 3WIREL!, its been in the … Read More

Excuse the mess everyone

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I am sorry for the spamfest, and I hope some of you enjoyed my so-called funny comments on this mess, it’s always about Jetpack Plugin that always screws up something and I have to become Fix-It Felix in this case, for… Publicize, because somehow it gets annoying to fix it, but thankfully, I fixed it! ๐Ÿ˜€ Aaaaand I am resuming regular run for the site.

We have just begun…

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Starting later this month, we will rename 3WORLD! into 3WIREL!, on top of that, we will provide more information on the vast amount of changes that will be done to radically prepare the next big redesign!