Understand before you speak up.

Before you make any post or comment on the website, you have to make sure you read all the rules and restrictions that apply in order to avoid any miscommunication of any sort.

So, please take your time to read the following:

  • Treat other members with the respect they deserve and don’t argue in bad faith. This should go without saying, but treat others like you would like to be treated.
  • English is the primary language and is highly recommended in here, if you would like to use other languages, don’t be rude or overdose it in the public side. It is frowned to constantly mislead users with a foreign language unless the other end user understands it, we recommend only to post in other languages in a private message.
  • Please do not spam. The definition of spam is an irrelevant or advertising post. Any post considered spam will be removed.
  • Please do not post messages in CAPS since this is considered to be shouting and is not necessary.
  • Please refrain from posting large images in size, especially GIFs. This is considerate to users with slow internet speeds, and keeps the site looking clean and light.
  • Insulting and flaming or personal attacks against members and staff will be not tolerated. This includes hate speech, racial discrimination and even support of discriminatory symbols or terrorizing figures.
  • When discussing topics of religious or political nature, using inflammatory phrases and abbreviations is prohibited.
  • Harassment and discriminatory behavior is not allowed under any circumstances. In addition, no drama or witchhunting is allowed, including bringing up or linking to them. Resolve these matters within yourselves or escalate them to a moderator.
  • Please be considerate in language you use on the forum, some of our members are younger than others. Swearing is not completely banned, just do not swear unnecessarily.
  • No hacking and illegal activity, such as torrents and illegal downloads, this will not be tolerated, and if appropriate, may be reported to local authority if severe.
  • Alternate accounts are not permitted. Alternate accounts will be banned on sight, with a warning placed on your main account.
  • Please do not post inappropriate material such as explicit content. It is frowned upon on the site and many other organizations, keep it off to yourself.
  • Self-promotion and invitations may only be posted in the appropriate venues, as it is generally frowned upon and seen as low-quality if carelessly handled.
  • Trades/posting of giveaway/promo codes are prohibited on the site. Only official or sanctioned giveaways and codes will be allowed to keep everyone safe.
  • Do not post or support any kind of Cryptomining/Cryptocoin and NFT (Non-fungible Token) content. We strictly do not allow such content and the site itself will not be participating or supporting anything related to it at any point, and any deals or incentive to do so will be immediately rejected, no matter the cost or benefit.

Rules are based/copied off this forum post, we will try to update it to reflect the site’s policies on a more regular basis.