Video games can tell powerful stories, focusing on heart felt emotional roller-coasters and bring you on grand adventures. One promising game title is called Rakuen and it’s releasing Early 2017. The game just got an official page up on Steam and it reads the following in it’s description. 

Rakuen is an adventure game about a little Boy who lives in the hospital. One day, the Boy asks his Mom to escort him to the fantasy world from his favorite storybook, so that he can ask the Guardian of the Forest to grant him one wish. In order to receive his wish, the Boy must complete a set of challenges that revolve around helping his neighbors in the hospital by interacting with their alter-egos in the fantasy world…

…A cranky old man who guards a broken music box with his life while complaining that he never gets any visitors; a young woman in a coma whose husband hasn’t left her side in months; a little girl who laments over a friend she was never able to say goodbye to after growing ill… The Boy slowly begins to realize that his neighbors are plagued by secrets and struggles that are mysteriously tied to the strange hospital.

Laura Shigihara put out a special video that answer key questions to people interested in the title and I highly recommend you give it a look. While the trailer dates a ‘2014 Release’, the game has been in development for a long time. But the game is releasing this year and as she stated in a recent video, it’s content-complete now. Watching the trailer made me tear up a bit, as the music and visuals really took me by surprise; it looks simple graphically but the artistry is very impressive.

She worked on various video game music scores in the past, including titles like Plants vs. Zombies and even contributing her vocal talents to a song in the upcoming RPG Cosmic Star Heroine..

You can listen to some of the games official soundtrack (composed by Laura herself) by visiting her YouTube Channel. We will be reporting on this project as we get closer to it’s release and you can learn about updates through visiting her Twitter page (@supershigi).

Sonic is a series that goes in various directions and is never afraid to try out new things. Sometimes though, those new things are head-scratching at first. Taking one of your more mysterious characters and completely making him dark, giving him access to fire arms and going for a more serious visual style turns heads.

People were shocked when the game Shadow the Hedgehog was announced and when it released, confusion on the title only continued.

Some enjoyed it but many did not for various reasons. Does this darker adventure for Shadow result in a good game? Fire arms in platformers have been proven to work and games like Jak II prove you can take colorful franchises and make them serious. Lets dive into the adventure that is Shadow the Hedgehog and see what it has to offer.

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Nintendo finally showed off the Switch and it’s line up of games for 2017. They were spread quite far across a number of releases from both Nintendo and third party studios/publishers. I will be sharing my thoughts on both the conference and games announced for the Switch outside the conference. Lets switch things up and talk about Nintendo’s upcoming console!

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Indie studios are always wonderful to see get formed, as they create enjoyable experiences that many other major studios might not tackle. We covered the title Featherpunk Prime in the past by reviewing it on 3WIREL, which was developed by the studio Super Hatch Games. Being formed of former Sony developers, they have a lot of talent in making quality software.

I was able to spend some time talking with Dan Jeffery of Super Hatch Games about various topics, including the origins of the concepts for Featherpunk Prime and many more. I hope you enjoy this interview!

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Microsoft has officially released a statement on Scalebound, an Action rpg exclusive for the Xbox gaming consoles, Microsoft has
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Hello everyone! Official 3WIREL Member Hero of Legend has his own special podcast series called ‘Hero of Legend’s Musings’, which cover a wealth of content including Sonic and Nintendo News.

I was joined Hero of Legend and Dejimon11 in talking about Nintendo Switch Predictions for the upcoming Jan. 12th event. In addition, in November 2016 I joined both once again for our thoughts on rumors releasing around that time period. Both were podcasts we all had a great time doing and we hope you guys enjoy them too! 3WIREL’s official Podcast will be returning next week and we will talk more about it closer to it’s release. If you want to see more of Hero of Legend’s Podcast, consider clicking this link, which will bring you to a playlist of all his podcasts. 

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Dead Cells is a roguelike, Castlevania-inspired action-platformer, allowing you to explore a sprawling, ever-changing castle… assuming you’re able to fight your way past its keepers. To beat the game you’ll have to master 2D souls-like combat with the ever present threat of permadeath looming. No checkpoints. Kill, die, learn, repeat.

-RogueVania: The progressive exploration of an interconnected world, with the replayability of a roguelike and the adrenaline pumping threat of permadeath.
-Souls-like combat: Pattern-based bosses and minions, weapons and spells with unique gameplay. Make do with what you have and don’t forget to roll.
-Nonlinear progression: Unlock new levels with every death and explore undiscovered parts of the castle as you prepare for the inevitable bosses.
-Exploration: Secret rooms, hidden passages, charming landscapes. Death is now your way of backtracking

If the trailer and press release has your interest peaked, consider voting for the game on Steam Greenlight. I feel the game looks quite promising, as the gameplay shown in the trailer seems to be a lot of fun and the visual style looks striking. It being similar to Castlevania and it being inspired by that title has me quite excited to learn more about this project.

Expect 3WIREL to continue reporting on this and other promising titles releasing in the future.

Video games are part of something called ‘Hype Cycles’ where people get very excited about the future of a game or many games, and this happens again & again in the industry. But why does it happen though? Kyle offers an answer to this through discussing the power of unreleased games. These are games that are, well, not released.

He equates them to candy on the road that leads you to a house, with the promise of more games being the individual piece of candy. I think this analogy works great, as all three of the major platform holders (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) deal with things differently.

In the context of Microsoft’s cancellation of Scalebound and the mixed reception of the Switch Presentation, this possible answer has some importance I feel. It explains why people felt disappointed with the lack of games announced for the Switch and why people are angry that Scalebound was canceled. At least it does to me personally. I enjoy Kyle’s work a lot, so happy to see him continuing to produce great content.

Mark Brown has produced a series called Boss Keys where he dives into the dungeon designs across the entire Zelda series and tries to pin-point what makes them work. This latest episode he takes a dive into Twilight Princess, known by many to have the best dungeons in the entire series.

Boss Keys is an on-going research project to analyse the level design of the dungeons in The Legend of Zelda. This time, it’s the turn of 2006’s Twilight Princess

Yooka-Laylee is a major release from the studio Playtonic games, composed of former Rare developers (makers of DKC and Banjo Kazooie). They are going back to making fun platforming adventures with eyes on everything and tons of stuff to collect this spring across the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms (April 11th).

But it will also be getting a multiplayer mode reminiscent of multiplayer seen in games like Conkers Bad Fur Day or Banjo-Tooie. Various mini-game like modes can be played with friends or be taken on for score attack challenges when playing alone. The trailer itself oozes classic Rare charm and it’s great seeing a Rare-like game again.

No word on a Nintendo Switch release date though Playtonic stated work on that version is progressing.

2Dark is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2017. From Frédérick Raynal, the creator of Alone in the Dark and famed pioneer of survival-horror games, 2Dark is a grim journey of stealth and courage into the heart of corruption.

Plagued by a string of child abductions, darkness hangs over the once-picturesque city of Gloomywood like a curse. After witnessing the murder of his wife and abduction of his children, former detective Mr. Smith vows to find justice and bring an end to the misery. Use your cunning to infiltrate Gloomywood’s bastions of cruelty. Investigate to uncover the secrets of the deranged psychopaths within, seek retribution for their crimes, and bring the captured children to safety. If only it were so simple…


Yoshi’s Woolly World is getting a special 3DS release through the Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World version and many wonder how it stacks up to the Wii U original. While it’s clear that the Wii U version looks better visually, does the 3DS version come close to the Wii U release?

Based on the above video comparison from Nintendo Life, it appears it looks great on the 3DS. The art style messes well on the smaller screen, details are still present even if subdued a bit and Yoshi himself looks good.

The indie hit Velocity X2 takes arcade space shooters and blends with Sonic the Hedgehog 2D platforming in creating an amazing experience. It’s a personal favorite on my Vita and I continue going back to this for getting better scores and times.

It’s getting a retail release thanks to the team-up between Futurlab and Badland Games. The PS4 version will offer a special edition while the PS Vita version will get a basic retail release. This is a major milestone for not only the game, but for Futurlab as well; this is their first retail release.

Considering it’s such a great game, this is great news for fans of action games and platformers alike. You can visit the developers website for further information about the PS4 Collectors Edition and other important facts.