The name Butch Hartman might ring a few bells if you watched Nick over the years. From making a show about a young lad who has magical fairies that grant him wishes too letting the viewer explore a secret agent/spy show made up of talking animals, he has taken us on some really funny adventures. But what about when it’s time to get a bit more serious or have more action elements? The Fairly Odd Parents had moments where things get serious or action heavy but that wasn’t the main focus of the show.

A show having such a focus is unique, specifically for Nick which didn’t really have much action/superhero shows in the early 2000’s. Danny Phantom is Butch’s second television show on Nick and it lasted for three seasons. It follows the teenage boy of Danny who has the special ability to turn himself into a ghostly being. He uses this power to defend his home town from various spirits that cause havoc.

When it originally aired, it was a breath of fresh air for the network and really filled a hole that felt missing from it’s line-up of shows. But does the Phantom hold up in recent years? Or does it evaporate into a specter into the night? Lets grab our Fenton Thermos and try to catch some ghosts as we tackle the first season of this haunting show.

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Making a game is difficult as it takes time and talent to make a quality piece of software. Many studios have accomplished this over the years but one should be noted. Yacht Club Games went from a band new studio making a Kickstarter project to into one of the many faces making up indie game development this current generation. With the heroic knight embarking on various adventures across many platforms, having a cameo or two and getting new content to dig into this year…..I felt it was a good idea to discuss with the shovels behind the knight.

Sean Velasco of Yacht Club Games was kind enough to answer a few questions I had about the studio, Shovel Knight and other interesting topics. It was a great honor to speak with him and you can find out more about Yacht Club Games by visiting their official website.

Below is the full interview I had with Velasco and I hope you all enjoy! It was a lot of fun speaking with him and we at 3WIREL will continue covering everything Shovel Knight as further information comes out.

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Kingdom Hearts is a series that was huge when it originally released on the PS2 back in 2002. Blending Square Enix and Disney franchises together was such a strange move, that it worked wonderfully. Seeing success, Disney & Square Enix decided to make a huge sequel on the PS2 in the form of ‘Kingdom Hearts 2’. Focusing more on action instead of exploration/platforming, Kingdom Hearts 2 pushes the series further into being an action game then ever before.

Exploring new Disney worlds and fighting heartless again, does Sora’s second adventure unlock gamers hearts? Or does it sink into the darkness? Get your Keyblade ready and go on Disney-themed adventure to find out!

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Sonic is no stranger to the realm of racing games, as the blue blur drifted under sunshine filled tracks and SEGA worlds alike. But Sonic also took up some hoverboard action in 2006 in one of the franchises better releases of that year through Sonic Riders. Bending the trick-pulling action from games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater with Mario Kart styled race tracks, the end result was an enjoyable game with a high difficulty curve that sadly lead to divisive reception when originally released.

Fast forward two years and SEGA shoots for the stars with Sonic’s next racing adventure in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Taking feedback many gave to heart, Sonic Team and CRI Middleware added new gravity mechanics alongside various refinements to the formula. Does it create a stronger racing experience? Lets go through gravity and race our way for an answer!Continue reading

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(A model this writer owns, the CD-i 615, this model comes with a CD-i player and a floppy insert, with integrated Digital Video not needing a card.)

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While we usually report on more positive news, we also want to spread the news on criminals to lead to their eventual capture.
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The Metal Gear series is a strange franchise. I mean that in the best of ways though; covering serious subject matters while also having a silly side that just works. The series has had many games release throughout it’s life span and one game many were interested in was called Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

This would blend the stealth gameplay from past games with action/combat where you can cut objects with precise angles. It looked promising but it was silently scrapped within Konami & Kojima Productions.

Kojima went to Platinum Games and asked if they could salvage the game. Fast forward one year and we see Metal Gear Rising: Revengance released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 (with a PC port one year later). With past works like Bayonetta, Madworld and Vanquish under the studio’s belt, does this sword swinging adventure a platinum hit? Or just a bronze metal?

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The charming and enjoyable 3D platformer Poi is out now on Steam after leaving early access. We quite enjoyed the title, but for those wanting to play it on Window’s 10 platforms or get it through that storefront, you can soon! This version of the game offers full support for Xbox Achievements, so if you love building up your gamer tag, it might be worth picking up this version of Poi for that reason.

No word on a console version yet but we will report an any more news about Poi in the future.

When we covered GameXplain getting a Nintendo Switch review unit, you might have noticed them taking out Zelda amiibo’s. After the embargo period ended on showing off the amiibo’s, GameXplain unboxes them and they are some of the best figures in the Amiibo series. Detailed character expressions, quality texture work and great painting; they are great figures for collectors.

I personally would like to pick up the Link Archer and Zelda (BoTW Version) figures at some point in the future, but the Guardian is a really cool Amiibo as well.

The mean bean machine, creator of army’s of robots, and lover of Evil Ham; Dr. Eggman is one of gaming’s most iconic villains. He is not only funny but also is quite the challenge for Sonic to over come in many of his adventures. Did You Know Gaming spent some time diving into the history of the good doctor.

In the run up to Sonic Mania, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets, Easter eggs and history of Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik. Dr. Eggman is the main antagonist of SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog series, but wasn’t called ‘Eggman’ in the west until the release of Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. Through our analysis of the series and its gameplay, beta material, we aim to present as many interesting Eggman facts as possible in this mini documentary.

I feel that similar to past work, this episode of Did You Know gaming was well written and researched. Greatly enjoyed learning more elements about one of my favorite characters in gaming.

GameSpot launched a new video series called ‘Reboot’ and it covers a wealth of topics in the world of gaming. One such topic was horror games and what better game to discuss than Resident Evil 7. The game has been shocking many (both in expectations and in frights) in recent weeks and it’s impact on the horror genre is important.

On consoles, survival horror morphed into the action-horror game for many franchises like Resident Evil and Dead Space. While action-horror can be a great time as titles like Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space 2 prove, the genres at it’s best when trying to scare you. This above video from GameSpot details why Resident Evil 7 is so important in the content of the horror genre at large.

I fully watched it and I personally really enjoyed the video. Highly recommend you give it a watch if you are interested in learning more about horror gaming.

Rocket League is an indie darling that got a lot of tracktion on consoles after being a PlayStation Plus title. It soon became a must-own indie title for all console owners and got various pieces of DLC released to continue keeping the game supported. One part of this move to support the game is adapting the title for new platforms. This happened for the Xbox One and now it’s happening for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Releasing a new patch to take advantage of the Pro’s higher end graphics and CPU abilities, does this car-bumping title have a better experience on stronger hardware? Digital Foundry has the answer to that question with the above video detailing how different the game looks/runs on both PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is releasing next week but one aspect to the game many want to know about is the music. With a legacy for producing some really impressive soundtracks, Breath of the Wild has a lot to live up to on this front. GameXplain was able to capture audio from their time with the game and we got a music sample of one of the games battle themes.

You can listen to it above but it sounds nothing I would expect from Zelda. It blends musical genre’s, creating a bold piece that feels ‘unique’ compared to past Zelda adventures.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is releasing in just a week and there is a lot to discuss for the title. Previews for the game, how it runs across platforms and more are being reported on currently but a fan project released recently that really impressed me.

Infamous YouTube Content Creators came together to create a very impressive music video to celebrate the Zelda franchise and upcoming launch for Breath of the Wild. Full credits can be found below, but I highly recommend you check the music video out (which is above this text).

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a huge game, that is impressing many people. But many are wondering if it will live up to the hype. While we might not be reviewing the game in time for launch, others are offering feedback on their experience with Zelda. Many of these are previews that were allowed to release after Nintendo’s embargo was lifted, but reviews will start releasing March 2nd.

However EDGE Magazine revealed in their latest issue that they will be reviewing the title and a quote from the review’s conclusion came out. 

“The result, for all the longevity of its series and the familiarity of the open world genre, is a game that evokes feelings we haven’t felt for 20 years. Not since Ocarina of Time have we set foot in a world that feels so mind-bogglingly vast and unerringly magical, that proves so relentlessly intriguing. Plenty of games promise to let us go anywhere and do anything. Few, if any, ever deliver so irresistibly. 19 years on Ocarina is still held up as the high water mark of gamings best loved and greatest series. Now it may have to settle for second place”.

This shouldn’t really be news-worthy, as it’s just a quote. But considering this is one of the first reviews we are getting wind of, this indicates we might be in for a very impressive Zelda adventure. Once more reviews come in, we will be providing a round-up like we’ve done in the past for other titles. Stay tuned for further Zelda and Nintendo news as it comes out.

While many are waiting for the next PS2-to-PS4 Classic to release, PS3 owners can enjoy picking up Suikoden IV when the store updates on Tuesday next week (as of this writing). Discovered by  on Twitter, it was announced on the PlayStation Drop for the coming week. It’s great seeing PS Classic’s support still come out on PlayStation 3, as despite many owning PS4’s at this point, some still didn’t get a chance to upgrade yet. 

It also shows that Konami is interested in pushing for game development, as shown with Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch and Metal Gear Survive on PS4/Xbox One/PC coming out later this year. Maybe we will see Suikoden IV come out on PlayStation 4 in the future as part of the PS2-to-PS4 Classics program but considering how quiet it has been, Sony maybe dropped support for it.

Would not surprise me, as Sony is known to drop support for products/services that don’t do well sometimes.

Source: Twitter