The Horror genre is one of gaming’s most interesting, as despite taking similar themes and settings, you can twist them in creative ways to things interesting. Focusing on either action or traditional horror, it’s a genre of games many enjoy fondly. The PS Vita platform is no stranger to horror games both suspenseful and action packed, so it’s a great system for horror gaming.

A new release on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 is a game called Uncanny Valley which takes many notes from horror classics to create a new experience. Being in the shoes of a lone security guard in a isolated facility, can you survive nightmares both in your dreams and in reality? Turn on your flash light and explore the snow-covered landscapes to find out!  Continue reading

Kingdom Hearts is a series that was huge when it originally released on the PS2 back in 2002. Blending Square Enix and Disney franchises together was such a strange move, that it worked wonderfully. Seeing success, Disney & Square Enix decided to make a huge sequel on the PS2 in the form of ‘Kingdom Hearts 2’. Focusing more on action instead of exploration/platforming, Kingdom Hearts 2 pushes the series further into being an action game then ever before.

Exploring new Disney worlds and fighting heartless again, does Sora’s second adventure unlock gamers hearts? Or does it sink into the darkness? Get your Keyblade ready and go on Disney-themed adventure to find out!

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Adventure games are a genre of gaming that always offer great elements. Telling powerful stories, bringing a smile to your face through well-written jokes, and using the gaming medium in inventive ways to offer fresh experiences. This genre of gaming was present on PC’s for decades but it has a clear home on consoles and portables alike this generation.

The title Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure is a adventure game that released on the PlayStation Vita in Late 2016. After having critical success on the PC platform, does the game adapt well in a portable form?

Lets find out by joining Bjorn on his big cynical adventure on the PlayStation Vita and PC platforms!

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Sonic is no stranger to the realm of racing games, as the blue blur drifted under sunshine filled tracks and SEGA worlds alike. But Sonic also took up some hoverboard action in 2006 in one of the franchises better releases of that year through Sonic Riders. Bending the trick-pulling action from games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater with Mario Kart styled race tracks, the end result was an enjoyable game with a high difficulty curve that sadly lead to divisive reception when originally released.

Fast forward two years and SEGA shoots for the stars with Sonic’s next racing adventure in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Taking feedback many gave to heart, Sonic Team and CRI Middleware added new gravity mechanics alongside various refinements to the formula. Does it create a stronger racing experience? Lets go through gravity and race our way for an answer!Continue reading

The Phantom Dust Remaster for Xbox One has been confirmed to Continue reading

(A model this writer owns, the CD-i 615, this model comes with a CD-i player and a floppy insert, with integrated Digital Video not needing a card.)

Launched in 1990 (1991 nationwide), The CD-i is a interactive system(s) that is highly underrated in its importanceContinue reading

While we usually report on more positive news, we also want to spread the news on criminals to lead to their eventual capture.
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The Metal Gear series is a strange franchise. I mean that in the best of ways though; covering serious subject matters while also having a silly side that just works. The series has had many games release throughout it’s life span and one game many were interested in was called Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

This would blend the stealth gameplay from past games with action/combat where you can cut objects with precise angles. It looked promising but it was silently scrapped within Konami & Kojima Productions.

Kojima went to Platinum Games and asked if they could salvage the game. Fast forward one year and we see Metal Gear Rising: Revengance released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 (with a PC port one year later). With past works like Bayonetta, Madworld and Vanquish under the studio’s belt, does this sword swinging adventure a platinum hit? Or just a bronze metal?

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The Nintendo Switch is releasing just weeks away but we are learning more about the system daily. One such piece of information is that the battery powering the console is being produced by Amperex. The batteries powering the Nintendo Switch are the same batteries that powered the Samsung Note 7 Phone.

The people said it is unlikely that Samsung would stop buying batteries from Amperex, which is known as ATL, at least for now, because of the supplier’s lead in technology and production capacity.

ATL has close ties with Apple Inc. in battery research and development, people familiar with the matter said. Nintendo Co. will also use ATL batteries for its new hand-held hybrid console Switch, according to people familiar with the matter. Nintendo’s new game console will go on sale in March. A Nintendo spokesman declined to comment about battery suppliers. Apple wasn’t immediately available for comment.

This is a big deal if you saw me mentioning ‘Note 7’. The Note 7 Phone is famous for being a faulty product due to poorly designed batteries that easily got damaged, resulting in publicly reported explosions and fires worldwide. What is interesting is that Amperex helped supply Note 7 replacement batteries before the phone was fully recalled, meaning that while improved over the original battery they still caused similar problems.

Nintendo working with Amperex to make batteries powering the Switch is a very strange move as they should be aware of how dangerous the batteries can be to the reputation and reception of the platform. We will see what happens after launch but hopefully the batteries powering the Switch are much better then the ones that powered Note 7 phones.

Source: NeoGaf, Techno Buffalo 

Digital Foundry has drifted across a number of classic games in the ‘Retro’ series, covering classics like Daytona USA and Shenmue. A new game is being covered in a recent DF Retro video covering the Need for Speed series, Electronic Arts iconic racing franchise that has lasted for decades.

Rewind to 1994 and join John Linneman for an in-depth retrospective on the original Need for Speed, from its beginnings on 3DO all the way through to the PC, Saturn and PlayStation ports and special editions!

These videos are well put together, contain a lot of valuable information about the technical aspects of different versions and cover graphical effects used to make the game sing. It’s a great video and I highly recommend you give it a watch!

On Steam, there are some cases of developers not being the most friendly and causing issues when being called out. This could grow into huge stories sadly and even lead to lawsuits being started toward critics of games. One such story is happening today (as of this writing), with what seems to be a charming 3D platformer with multiplayer elements becoming a case for stolen asset use.

When extracted from the games files, people discovered Fur-Fun uses Banjo-Kazooie assets (which are owned by Rare and Microsoft).

People called this out and the developer gave a response to the claims.

“So what? These files are not used in the game, and they are illegally extracted from it.” (He apparently implies that the action of extracting files from Fur-Fun to discover this, is illegal)

“Just like all of the tweets I have seen from you, you are wrong. You have no idea and on top of that you believe your own theories”.

“People like you who don’t even check the veracity of their words before writing them don’t even deserve to be answered”

“He hasn’t bought anything. I am the creator of that Kickstarter. You’d better stop tweeting because you have no fucking idea about anything“.

What’s worse is that the game’s creator is censoring critics against this discovery. A Spanish video game site wrote an article about it for example and you can find images of this below.

The interesting things about this story is that using place-holders for game development is very common, but you don’t have them in the finished release. If you are releasing a paid product and don’t get permission to use specific copyright, then it is illegal. Keep in mind that the game could be updated after getting heavy criticism to remove the Banjo Kazooie files, but it’s a major issue that these are in place in the release game.

Hopefully the developer comes out and explains ‘why’ these files were even in the finished product and understands why it’s not right to use files from other games without permission and crediting the source of said files.

Source: NeoGaf



For Honor is out now and many are enjoying it’s only rumbles but what about if you got a collectors edition? GameSpot released a video showing off the collectors case which looks quite cool. If you want to see the unboxing, watch the above video!

We unpack the three 1/3 scale faction helmets in the For Honor Collector’s Case.

The upcoming horror adventure Little Nightmares will be releasing for the PS4, Xbox One and PC later in April. To get people excited for the game, publisher Bandai-Namco released a lengthy gameplay video showing off the game in action.

Follow Six as she desperately try to stay away from the creepy Janitor. To keep the pleasure of playing Little Nightmares when it will release on April 28th, this 7 minutes long gameplay video has been edited

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King of Fighters XIV is getting a wealth of upcoming content and a trailer released showing some of this off. Costumes for characters and a upcoming DLC fighter will be paid content you can purchase, but the upcoming stages will be completely free for all buyers. This is a great move, encouraging people to continue playing the game.

Source: NeoGaf



GameXplain takes some time to run through the analysis machine to research some SMT mysteries discovered in the latest trailer for the long-running series. Coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in the future, Atlus/SEGA released a trailer showing off some of the creatures that will likely appear in the game. But what about other interesting bits of information?

Watch the above video from GameXplain to find out some more discoveries present in the trailer shown during the Switch Presentation from January.

Sonic Colors offered very creative zones for Sonic to dash through, but many of them were built in mind to support the Wisp mechanic. This allowed the Blue Blur to morph into a laser, rocket or even a drill! Turning into a drill was used heavily in the zone Aquarium Park. Within bodies of water, Sonic can use the Yellow Wisp to turn into a drill and this made up a good chunk of the level design in the zone.

I say all of this, considering how difficult it could be porting them into Sonic Generations. With only two Wisp Powers (and only one usable for Modern Sonic), it’s hard to make levels from Colors feel natural within Generations. A mod recently released that has Aquarium Park from Colors playable within Generations and after watching the above video (captured by SonicWindBlue), I’m impressed how fun the level looks.

Minor changes to level design make the levels look like a blast to run through in Generations and higher resolution assets being created/used for the mod give it a sharp look. It’s a great level mod and I encourage you give it a shot if you have a PC version of Generations installed. Below are system requirements for the PC version of Generations.

► System Requirement:
OS: Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4200 (2×2.0GHz) or AMD equivalent
Memory: 2GB RAM (XP)/3GB RAM (Windows 7 / Vista)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 (512MB) / ATI Radeon HD 2900 (512MB)
Hard Drive: 11 GB free hard drive space

• Recommend:
OS: Microsoft Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 2.66 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.0 GHz
Memory: 3GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 (1GB) / ATI Radeon HD 5850 (1GB)
Hard Drive: 11 GB free hard drive space

SAO is a series many love and enjoy, but an equal amount loath & hate. It’s a divisive series for sure but ones I both enjoy and have issues with at the same time. I wrote lengthy reviews for Season One and Two last year on 3WIREL and had mixed thoughts on both of them, but noted the bright points each one offered. With any popular series, there will be an abridged series linked to it.

Abridged Series is something fans work together on to make a more comedic and self referential experience to something they respect and/or enjoy. SAO Abridged is something I wanted to highlight today due to one factor; the characters.

The cast of SAO might share names with the incarnations of people here, but that is the only similar thing about them (mostly). They are completely unique people that in many cases, are nuts. Kirito and Asuna are wonderful examples of this, as both are psychotic in many ways. It leads to really funny moments that can make one laugh even if they don’t enjoy the source material.

I highly recommend you give this series a shot and I provided a link to the series above this text. It’s not complete yet, but episodes are still set for release in the future.