‘New’ Nintendo 2DS XL Announced – $149.99 Price Point, July Launch, Amiibo Support The Nintendo 3DS has gotten a lot of revisions over the years. From the original design that wasn't the best for shooter-intensive games to the most recent revision that added the C-Stick and faster processing power, Nintendo has taken the 3DS brand into far places. Despite the launch of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo still has plans for the 3DS family of systems, thus launching the 'New' Nintendo 2DS this summer. Releasing on July 28th at the retail price of 149.99$, it is more or less a 'New' 3DS XL without the 3D Support. Full Nintendo press release can be found below for further information. (more…)

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Microsoft Window’s 10 Anniversary – Gaming Plans Detailed

Microsoft is celebrating the year launch of its Window's 10 OS and they made a long list of comments and statements about the growth of the platform and upcoming features it will be receiving. However, this June's Microsoft E3 showcase announced a "Play Everywhere" initiative, with every future Xbox One game landing on Window's 10 in the future. The full comments will be below. Source: Microsoft - Windows Blog  (more…)

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