‘New’ Nintendo 2DS XL Announced – $149.99 Price Point, July Launch, Amiibo Support

The Nintendo 3DS has gotten a lot of revisions over the years. From the original design that wasn’t the best for shooter-intensive games to the most recent revision that added the C-Stick and faster processing power, Nintendo has taken the 3DS brand into far places. Despite the launch of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo still has plans for the 3DS family of systems, thus launching the ‘New’ Nintendo 2DS this summer. Releasing on July 28th at the retail price of 149.99$, it is more or less a ‘New’ 3DS XL without the 3D Support. Full Nintendo press release can be found below for further information.

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Nintendo Using Batteries Produced by Amperex (Note 7 Phones) for Switch

The Nintendo Switch is releasing just weeks away but we are learning more about the system daily. One such piece of information is that the battery powering the console is being produced by Amperex. The batteries powering the Nintendo Switch are the same batteries that powered the Samsung Note 7 Phone.

The people said it is unlikely that Samsung would stop buying batteries from Amperex, which is known as ATL, at least for now, because of the supplier’s lead in technology and production capacity.

ATL has close ties with Apple Inc. in battery research and development, people familiar with the matter said. Nintendo Co. will also use ATL batteries for its new hand-held hybrid console Switch, according to people familiar with the matter. Nintendo’s new game console will go on sale in March. A Nintendo spokesman declined to comment about battery suppliers. Apple wasn’t immediately available for comment.

This is a big deal if you saw me mentioning ‘Note 7’. The Note 7 Phone is famous for being a faulty product due to poorly designed batteries that easily got damaged, resulting in publicly reported explosions and fires worldwide. What is interesting is that Amperex helped supply Note 7 replacement batteries before the phone was fully recalled, meaning that while improved over the original battery they still caused similar problems.

Nintendo working with Amperex to make batteries powering the Switch is a very strange move as they should be aware of how dangerous the batteries can be to the reputation and reception of the platform. We will see what happens after launch but hopefully the batteries powering the Switch are much better then the ones that powered Note 7 phones.

Source: NeoGaf, Techno Buffalo 

Disney Making Product Called ‘Disney Kids TV’ – Android Box, 99$, Plays Games

Disney is known for making many products but Android set-top boxes is something new for the company. They announced at CES 2017 a product called Disney Kids TV and it will offer streaming services, access to Disney’s wealth of media content and surprisingly, support for video games. It even has a Disney-branded Android controller, though it’s compatible with other Bluetooth Android controllers.

Other noteworthy details: Initial 3 edition options (Avengers, Disney Kids TV, Frozen) / Device is $99 & Controller is $39 (Not Included) / Assess to Google Play store

One really interesting feature is that Kingdom Hearts X will be included in every version of the Disney Kids TV. Likely due to it’s connection to the Disney brand (and the fact Disney owns the Kingdom Hearts IP) but still a interesting pack-in game for this device.


PS4 Accessibility Controllers – The Ben Heck Show

Modifying custom controllers isn’t just to get a competitive edge during a mulitplayer game; it is also to help gamers with disabilities find ways to make games enjoyable to play for them. Ben Heck was able to present how to make custom controllers for the Xbox One in the past but had issues doing so with the PS4. Recently, he published a video on his YouTube Channel showing how to make a accessible PS4 controller.

Building accessibility controllers is a passion of Ben’s because it allows someone that does not have use of both hands to enjoy one more thing that many of us take for granted. The Xbox 360 and Xbox one use standard circuit boards so they can be easily hacked to make accessibility controllers. In fact, the Xbox One controller is easier to modify than the Xbox 360 controller!

Ben’s preference for modding Xbox controllers has nothing to do with being biased against them, the PS4 will have sold over 40 million units after the holiday season and Ben has one too. It has to do with the silk screen printed circuit used on its controllers not allowing it to be modified easily because you can’t solder onto the plastic.

The video shows how the motherboard for PS4 controllers is different compared to Xbox One and like Ben’s past videos, it is just interesting seeing technology being taken apart and re-assembled in new creative ways.

Twitch Now Lets Users Upload Pre-Recorded Video Content – Polygon

Twitch is a major streaming platform but mainly for live streams, but this might change in the future thanks to a new update. Polygon released an article that announced the following.

Twitch is primarily known as the premier place to watch livestreamed gameplay, but the company is ready to diversify. Users can now opt into an open beta that will let them upload videos to the platform, the company announced, giving them a new set of options for sharing their content with viewers.

“When you upload a video, you don’t have to be on your toes, live on-stream,” the company explained in a blog post. “Anyone can record and edit full game playthroughs, step-by-step tutorials, highlight reels, montages, or any other videos that now have a home on Twitch.”

Alongside edited video uploads, users will have the chance to download previous live broadcasts that can be recut into new, original videos. Uploads won’t ever expire and can be viewed whether a streamer is online or offline. Followers will receive notifications when new content is uploaded, and users can check out their growth stats.

This more or less allows Twitch to have pre-recorded videos up on its site, not unlike the major video platform that is YouTube.

Credit goes out to my friend @NarganNation for sharing this Polygon post with me on Twitter. 

Microsoft Window’s 10 Anniversary – Gaming Plans Detailed

Microsoft is celebrating the year launch of its Window’s 10 OS and they made a long list of comments and statements about the growth of the platform and upcoming features it will be receiving. However, this June’s Microsoft E3 showcase announced a “Play Everywhere” initiative, with every future Xbox One game landing on Window’s 10 in the future. The full comments will be below.

Source: Microsoft – Windows Blog 

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