Nintendo Using Batteries Produced by Amperex (Note 7 Phones) for Switch

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The Nintendo Switch is releasing just weeks away but we are learning more about the system daily. One such piece of information is that the battery powering the console is being produced by Amperex. The batteries powering the Nintendo Switch are the same batteries that powered the Samsung Note 7 Phone.

The people said it is unlikely that Samsung would stop buying batteries from Amperex, which is known as ATL, at least for now, because of the supplier’s lead in technology and production capacity.
ATL has close ties with Apple Inc. in battery research and development, people familiar with the matter said. Nintendo Co. will also use ATL batteries for its new hand-held hybrid console Switch, according to people familiar with the matter. Nintendo’s new game console will go on sale in March. A Nintendo spokesman declined to comment about battery suppliers. Apple wasn’t immediately available for comment.

This is a big deal if you saw me mentioning ‘Note 7’. The Note 7 Phone is famous for being a faulty product due to poorly designed batteries that easily got damaged, resulting in publicly reported explosions and fires worldwide. What is interesting is that Amperex helped supply Note 7 replacement batteries before the phone was fully recalled, meaning that while improved over the original battery they still caused similar problems.
Nintendo working with Amperex to make batteries powering the Switch is a very strange move as they should be aware of how dangerous the batteries can be to the reputation and reception of the platform. We will see what happens after launch but hopefully the batteries powering the Switch are much better then the ones that powered Note 7 phones.

Source: NeoGaf, Techno Buffalo 

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