Social Media Autoposting Test Post (Proun Abstract PC Game) – Proun is a very special game. Its unique abstract art style has attracted quite some attention, including from events and museums. The Van Abbe museum for contemporary art is currently displaying the game Proun as part of an El Lissitzky exhibition. The Van Abbe is one of the biggest modern art museums in the Netherlands and houses works by famous artists like Picasso, Kandinsky and Warhol.

That Proun is being shown as a work of art amongst such great artists is absolutely thrilling, and a milestone to the whole “games as art” discussion. To many people, art is defined by what museums exhibit, and apparently this important museum considers this game to be real art, and shows it in a normal exhibition.

Proun is also being shown at the La Gaîté Lyrique museum in Paris, where the French Minister of Culture Frédéric Mitterrand recently delayed his delegation during a visit, because he thought playing just one level of Proun was not enough. Of course, he was right.

According to Joost van Dongen: “With Proun I tried to make something that looks radically different from most other games, and so far reactions have been very positive. I am both happy and surprised that following my own stubborn vision worked out so well!”

To celebrate all of this, a new trailer for Proun has been released, which shows the geometric landscapes that the player races through. The new trailer is called “Proun’s Abstract Landscapes”, and shows the game in beautiful slow-motion.

3WIREL!’s Google Plus Page shutting down at 6PM EST Today


We have a small update on what’s going to happen to the social media pages that have the least amount of interaction, views and followers. The Google+ ones for Crashy News and 3WIREL! will be officially shutting down today at 6PM EST, this is because there’s no real benefit to having them and is not doing the sites any favor in terms of traffic. They are now currently being in the process of being delisted from the sites. The YouTube channel linked with the page will remain open and is not being shut down.

Consider following us on any of the other social media links: FacebookTwitterTumblr

3WIREL! Club Forums (Traditional) and Messenger (Chatroom) launched

In the light of recent site changes, it has been decided that the forums should restore a more traditional forum to garner better discussion quality and quantity, since previous attempts at merging have been unsuccessful due to lack of resources (more high-end attempts will be made in the future).

In addition, we’ve gotten a new chatroom that features public and private messaging for everyone who’s registered on 3WIREL! Club.

Check’em out (Please register first): ForumsMessenger

3WIREL! & Crashy News Discord Servers have now been combined!

After some thought about the last decision regarding the separation of the Discord Servers of 3WIREL! and Crashy News, i’ve decided to merge them back into one single Discord Server due to inactivity. If you are in the 3WIREL! Discord Server that was introduced not long ago, please consider moving to the new combined server:


3WIREL! Reaches its 10th Anniversary (Since Initial Launch – Brief)

It finally happened, yesterday was the 10th anniversary since the website inception of 3WIREL! (was changed by names several times over the course of these 10 years, the first website was Thanks to the hard work of everyone in the team (including me, the creator) for the best first year in a long while for the site, we have had great highlight posts and reviews done, such as Zelda BOTWPrey 2 StoryRaymanYacht Club Games Interview and so much more. There was going to be a major surprise amid this anniversary, with the advent of the long-anticipated website redesign and reimagination of my original 2007 Flash vision for the future foreseeable, however, things are going slow and not as expected. Do expect a major post regarding the history of the website from me hopefully soon this weekend.

Thank you all for the help and support, keep it going!

[POLL] Do you like our news reporting on 3WIREL! so far?

Seeing as how 3WIREL! has begun to strive for change and improve upon the history it had with video game reporting and reviews, I would like to ask you of what you think of the news reporting quality on the site. Vote on the small poll and tell us in the comments/social replies on how we could improve upon it (or give us feedback).

Welcome to

I am hereby proud to announce that from today, we have moved from our old domain “” (still viewable) into This marks just another milestone into the changes coming to 3WIREL! to improve upon the destination and place for the best articles and reviews so far, around video games!

[UPDATE] The normal theme is back for 3WIREL!

Sorry for the sudden theme change everyone, there was an issue in the code for the normal theme, it’s back now with something disabled. (User-defined Headers)

We are now resuming regular operations…

The Future Around Us – Things Will Be Okay

Hello everyone.

November 9th 2016 will stand as a landmark day for the world and… that marks a future that many of us have no idea what will bring. But things will be okay. The human mind, body and soul are powerful forces that will not be trifled with, so we can take any force or challenge that we may face.

While some clear challenges in the future are known and scary, the world has dealt with harsh forces in the past. Today, I want to say that despite any forces and challenges that come our way, we will continue to provide news and positive content that you as our readers will enjoy.

I know that we took a break on November 9th and did not publish any content, but I honestly needed time to think. After talking with friends, family and professors at my college, I feel better about things. While I am still nervous about what will happen, that won’t stop me from writing content on this site and working hard to become a teacher.

Everyone, keep hold to your goals and dreams, as they will get you very far in life. Also be kind to one another, as just saying ‘Hello’ or holding the door for someone can make there day. Expect today to see a wealth of content release on 3WIREL, as I want to move forward and live day by day.

If you are feeling sad, consider reading any of the articles or posts published on this site; I hope they bring a smile to your face or make you feel better. And if you are happy? Stay happy! The world while scary sometimes has positive elements all around us.

And know this; the world may have a unknown future but know that you have friends and family you can talk to. Thank you all for the support over the past year and I am honored that you read this website. Thank you all for everything and try to have a good day.


RK128 aka Robert Kellett

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