3WIREL Podcast – Microsoft & Scalebound

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With the recent news of Scalebound’s cancellation, I was joined by my friends Hero of Legend and Dejimon11 in the latest episode for 3WIREL’s Podcast. We talk about Scalebound but also touch on other scrapped productions Microsoft developed over the years. We all hope you enjoy this latest podcast!

3WIREL Podcast Episode V – Crashing through Insanely Lively Toys

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Today I had a great time talking with my friends Hero of Legend and Dejimon11 in 3WIREL’s fifth official Podcast! It was a lot of fun talking about the new footage from Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy and the Toys To Life genre. You can find Hero of Legend and Dejimon11 on their official twitter pages. Expect more podcasts to release in the near future on 3WIREL!

3WIREL Podcast Episode IV – Talking about the Awards and Crashing the PSX Party

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Today I am honored to release a new podcast episode for 3WIREL! Hero of Legend once again was nice enough to record the audio for this podcast but Motwera and myself were joined by two guests for this episode. Dejimon11 and Flandy both were kind enough to be a part of our long discussion about the PlayStation Experience event but we also discuss the recent Game Awards and other topics. https://soundcloud.com/rob-kellett-268250862/3wirel-podcast-episode-iv-playstation-experience-and-the-game-awards I hope you enjoy this Podcast and that you … Read More

3WIREL Podcast Episode III – Talking About the Suns & Moons Across a No Man’s Sky

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The latest episode of the 3WIREL Podcast was recorded last night (as if this writing) and I had a blast speaking with my friends Dejimon and Hero of Legend. Sadly, 3WIREL Owner and Founder Motwera couldn’t make it for the discussion but he will be a part of the next official 3WIREL Podcast in the future. Hero of Legend was kind enough to record the audio and like mentioned in the second podcast, is a official member of the 3WIREL … Read More

3WIREL Podcast Episode II – Switching about the Pro’s and the LEGO’s

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I want to share the next episode of the official 3WIREL Podcast! I had a great time talking with my friends Motwera (the founder & owner of 3WIREL and Crashy News) and Hero of Legend (writer at the Sonic Stadium and his personal WordPress page) about major gaming topics that happened last week. We had a lot of fun doing this podcast and today I want to officially announce that Hero of Legend is an honorary member of 3WIREL! He … Read More

3WIREL Podcast – Sonic 06 Anniversary Special with Hero of Legend & Soni!

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Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of gamings most infamous titles; Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). This game means many things for a number of Sonic fans, so I decided to take an hour or so to talk with my good friends Soni and Hero of Legend about their thoughts about the title. We cover a bit more than just Sonic 06 and touch on the entire series at points but we had a great time … Read More

3WIREL! Podcast Goes Live! – Episode I with RK128, Motwera & Special Guest Hero of Legend

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Today marks the release of 3WIREL’s very first official Podcast! Motwera & I, with my good friend Hero of Legend joining us discuss a lot in the world of gaming. Ranging from gaming news on topics I covered so far on 3WIREL! to sharing some thoughts on Crash Bandicoot spinning through Skylanders, we have fun talking about gaming. We plan on making this a weekly/bi-weekly series and hope you enjoy future episodes. If you have any questions, feel free to … Read More

3WIREL Official Podcast Announced

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Today, I want to proudly announce that 3WIREL will be having it’s own Podcast! Motwera and I will be talking about a number of subject matters across the realm of gaming and we might even invite a guest or two to join us for the first episode! This is something I wanted to do for a while, so hopeful that everything pans out and we get this done right. I would love for you all to leave any questions or … Read More