3WIREL! Podcast Goes Live! – Episode I with RK128, Motwera & Special Guest Hero of Legend

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38656420c7718965fa5517db5a4df8e9f45ef71397f003a5fcpimgpsh_fullsize_distrToday marks the release of 3WIREL’s very first official Podcast! Motwera & I, with my good friend Hero of Legend joining us discuss a lot in the world of gaming. Ranging from gaming news on topics I covered so far on 3WIREL! to sharing some thoughts on Crash Bandicoot spinning through Skylanders, we have fun talking about gaming. We plan on making this a weekly/bi-weekly series and hope you enjoy future episodes.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through Twitter or the comments section below. We will answer those questions in the next episode.
Edit (11/05/2016) – Due to the first half hour of the recording cutting out, we will be replacing with a test recording (which you can see below) that covers similar content we covered in the first half hour. Sorry for this mistake but we will avoid this from happening in the future.


Hope you enjoy our podcast and you can follow us through the below social media links.
3WIREL Twitter: twitter.com/3wirel
My Own Twitter Account: twitter.com/RK1283
Wordpress Site: rk564.wordpress.com/
Motwera’s Twitter Account: twitter.com/Motwera
Hero of Legend’s Twitter Page: twitter.com/GoldMetalSonic
Hero of Legend’s Website: goldmetalsonic.wordpress.com

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