The next weekly DLC releases for Rock Band 4 is about to be its last, says Harmonix


Harmonix has confirmed in a blog post, that after 8 years of post-release content DLC releases for Rock Band 4, one of the last remaining musical instrument games from a bygone era, will no longer be hosting new songs after next week’s DLC releases drop. They also confirm that other online services will continue as normal, including Rivals season.

The company has since released Rivals and the VR experience for Rock Band, and has since created other games such as Fuser and Fortnite Festival since the Epic Games acquision.

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Quick Screenings: Sonic 2 vs Morbius Movie Reviews (Episode 1)

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For our first new video of the year 2022, we are revealing the first non-Crash video under the 3WIREL branding, with “Quick Screenings”, a new show for snappy and quick reviews of current movies, both in theaters and on streaming. In this episode, we’ll be discussing Sonic 2, as well as Morbius.

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[PRODUCTION TEAM] » Motwera: Lead Manager and Script Editor
» WumpaGem: Co-Manager, Writer and Video Editor
» KBABZ: Video Editor
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» KeyBladeSonic: Narrator
» SpongeBandiMark: Lead Artist (Thumbnails)
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3WIREL! bringing new videos to the YouTube channel of Crashy News!


Pleased announce that 3WIREL! content will make its way to the Crashy News YouTube channel for the debut of non-Crash videos. This is part of the recent changes being done to the blog over there, as well as preparing to produce videos again after 4 months without a new one.

While I cannot tell you yet what the videos will be about, you will eventually find out, hopefully soon.

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Release Date Trailer for the upcoming Antonball Deluxe by Summitsphere, releasing March 5th

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ARE YOU READY TO PLAY WITH YOUR BALLS?! You’d better be, bub – ANTONBALL DELUXE is coming March 5th! 👺💥
🔴 Three games!
🟢 69 levels!
👹 21 characters!
🌎 Online and couch co-op/VS play!
© Summitsphere. Antonball is a registered trademark of Summitsphere LLC. All rights reserved. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners.

Old School Musical getting a physical release next week for the Nintendo Switch by Super Rare Games

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Super Rare Games is immensely proud to announce their partnership with Long Hat House
and Raw Fury to release Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition in physical form for the first time on
the Nintendo Switch™. This very special 2D metroidvania platformer deserves a very special edition, which is why
Super Rare Games has created their most impressive Collector’s Edition ever, making this a
true must-have rare print release. Dandara: Collector’s Edition includes a 180 page full-colour guide, a bespokely designed
pendant, playing cards, a collector’s pin badge, an A3 size double-sided map, a soundtrack
CD, 2 sets of trading cards, a sticker, and an awesome collector’s box.

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Hard4Games dives deep into the “Secret Screen” on the Nintendo 64’s unreleased controller prototype

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The unreleased Nintendo 64 Secret Screen! The controller was the brainchild of Dane Galden, inventor of the Game Handler, a 3rd-party motion NES controller. The Secret Screen was publicly revealed in a 1997 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, but drama ensued when months later, Sega revealed their Dreamcast and VMU. Thanks to Shane Battye for sending this to us and doing a TON of research!

3WIREL Returns: News, Reviews, and More Coming Soon

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It has been a few months since some content has released on 3WIREL, but with current events happening at the time of this post, we at 3WIREL feel it’s time to come back strong with content you all can enjoy in these trying times.
Starting the time of this post going live, a lot of content will be releasing on this site daily. What content you may be asking? Well, things older readers might remember us publishing. Reviews for both gaming and other media, news updates and more will be released, with more kinds of articles coming later on.
I hope you all enjoy this soft relaunch of 3WIREL and stay tuned for daily content in the world of gaming and all things media!