3WIREL Podcast Episode III – Talking About the Suns & Moons Across a No Man’s Sky

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The latest episode of the 3WIREL Podcast was recorded last night (as if this writing) and I had a blast speaking with my friends Dejimon and Hero of Legend. Sadly, 3WIREL Owner and Founder Motwera couldn’t make it for the discussion but he will be a part of the next official 3WIREL Podcast in the future.
Hero of Legend was kind enough to record the audio and like mentioned in the second podcast, is a official member of the 3WIREL team!
We discussed a lot of different topics like the Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime that recently came out, the news about No Man’s Sky, paying tribute to the work Mark (Super Mario Brothers Z) has done over the years and much more!

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Hero of Legend
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WordPress Page (https://goldmetalsonic.wordpress.com/)

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