3WIREL Official Podcast Announced

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Today, I want to proudly announce that 3WIREL will be having it’s own Podcast! Motwera and I will be talking about a number of subject matters across the realm of gaming and we might even invite a guest or two to join us for the first episode! This is something I wanted to do for a while, so hopeful that everything pans out and we get this done right.
I would love for you all to leave any questions or topics you want us to cover in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you, so please share any questions you may have. If you would prefer sending us an email, feel free to send questions to the following mail addresses: 3wirelrk128 [at] gmail.com & 3wirelsite [at] gmail.com
Thank you all for your time and hope you enjoy the first episode in the future!

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