Disney Making Product Called ‘Disney Kids TV’ – Android Box, 99$, Plays Games

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Disney is known for making many products but Android set-top boxes is something new for the company. They announced at CES 2017 a product called Disney Kids TV and it will offer streaming services, access to Disney’s wealth of media content and surprisingly, support for video games. It even has a Disney-branded Android controller, though it’s compatible with other Bluetooth Android controllers.
Other noteworthy details: Initial 3 edition options (Avengers, Disney Kids TV, Frozen) / Device is $99 & Controller is $39 (Not Included) / Assess to Google Play store
One really interesting feature is that Kingdom Hearts X will be included in every version of the Disney Kids TV. Likely due to it’s connection to the Disney brand (and the fact Disney owns the Kingdom Hearts IP) but still a interesting pack-in game for this device.

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