Iron Fist first impressions

It stinks So this isn’t meant to be a full review or anything I just thought I’d sum up my thoughts on the critically panned Iron Fist show. After having seen 3 episodes I can say that this show sucks. Not just by Marvel’s standards but just bad in general. Let me give you a […]

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Yooka-Laylee character round up! Week 2

With all the Yooka-Laylee news that has happened I almost forgot to report on this. Here are this weeks batch of interesting characters #YookaLaylee Character of the Day: Lootsalot! “Wot? I didn’t do nuffink! You can’t prove it!” — Playtonic (@PlaytonicGames) February 27, 2017   #YookaLaylee Character of the Day: Mollycool! “Take me to […]

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Two Pairs of ARMS trailers released

Yesterday Nintendo’s Japanese youtube channel showcased two new trailers for their upcoming game ARMS. The first trailer was introducing us to all the announced characters and what makes them unique from one another. The other was showcasing the weapons known as “Gloves”. I’m interested to see more of this game within the coming months.

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