Create a Topic/Thread in any of 3WORLD! or 3WLite, here’s how:

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So, let me put this straight as a promotion and some tutorial for those who can’t figure out how to make a topic/thread in both 3WORLD! and 3WLite 🙂

Click 3WORLD! to create a topic (Requires registering, see steps below)

or 3WORLD! Lite to create a thread in traditional forums

In 3WORLD! (Because the old forums were removed in favor for the new simple posting system):

  • Go to 3WORLD! website
  • Scroll down to the login form, then click Register and fill in the information (Not all are required, will tell you when inputting something the wrong way)
  • Hover your cursor on Topics or if you are on a touch device, click the Topics menu and click Create new.
  • Fill in the required information such as Title (You can put a “[{Tag}]” for main subtopic], description and category and optionally the tags for things that you want to tell in simple terms, You can use this to tell simple thoughts like say in a title with several words and then in the description with your full info about the thought with a attachment if you want to add one.
  • Wallah!, you just posted your first topic ever!, You can also find them easily by searching or clicking the tags in the sidebar (if you don’t want to scroll down through posts/topics)

In 3WORLD! Lite, uses traditional and simple (Guest posting supported):

  • Go to 3WORLD! Lite website
  • Click New Topic in the main section or subsection and fill in the Title, description and if you are not registered, fill in the name and Captcha.
  • Wallah!, you just posted your first thread ever!, You can also find them easily by searching (if you don’t want to scroll down through threads)

Thank you for reading and have a great time with us!

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