Battlefield 4 Rumors from China..

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Well, well, well… Rumors has it again at the recently announced (and gameplay-less) Battlefield 4 Beta, which EA confirmed to be in the new Metal of Honor game as a exclusive access for those who preordered it..
What we got from the translation (and some explanation from some posters at NeoGAF) is that the game is going to be a 1-Year dev cycle, which releases next October (as rumored), to be on PC (Max 100fps or more?), current (30fps) and next-gen (60fps?) consoles, said to have Battlelog built-in and “commander role in MP will return with new tools and abilities“, oh, and it said to have female characters playable inn MP (Multiplayer).
Will you like to have one more BF? or not? Like, dislike or reply to share your thought 🙂
VIA: NeoGAF | Source: Chiphell (Chinese)

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