Major update for 3WIREL! regarding the future of it

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Well, hello there, readers and members,
I have some things to tell you, as I promised, the next major update and redesign for 3WIREL! is on the horizon, and I want to make sure that more people could get involved and slowly transform it into the next level of media entertainment and community discussion!
I am sorry that this is taking quite long, but be patient, this is a long-term plan for the future of 3WIREL!, its been in the plans for few years, and now I am taking upon it for the first time since the move from Weebly to WP.
Here is 2 lists to note:

Things that are coming in the future:

  • An all new design, coming soon in 2016 or 2017
  • Full of animations and little things that will make things a whole lot more fun and interesting, such as customizable profile borders!
  • Twitter-like experience for voting, searching, and posting..
  • Embeds are going to get a whole lot better, and more dynamic
    • Possibility of popout sound/video
  • A writing experience like no other, with dynamic choices of skins and addons that will be available each time one gets added
  • An AI-like writing suggestion/motivator system (even warns of some contextuals that might garner negativity)
  • A new achievement and points system, linked inherently to the website
  • GINE FPS Multiplayer game, timed exclusive for site
  • An all new store for both physical items and electronic items (cosmetics and games)
  • An all new visual wiki for games, shows, and so on.. (Mostly for things shown or sold on 3WIREL!)
  • Collections, for cosmetics and addons for your profile and so much more..

Possible look ahead into the future:

  • Broadcast channel and creators network for creation of content, for gaming content, original shows and exclusives as well
  • Premium subscriptions for enhancing the experience:
    • VIP status and access: $5/m
      • Adding the lotobox subscription pack, can get you exclusive items as well
    • Lotobox subscription (for monthly items, and cosmetics): $5/m
    • Online global TV/movies provider: $5/m
  • 3WIREL! Arena, Second Life like game, with its augmented reality companion, to being an ever-evolving game with new content, and features added every day/week
  • New powerful and compact options for moderators and owners to better control the flow of users and behaviour

So, there you have it.
Hope you all enjoy the next chapter of 3WIREL! once the new design arrives hopefully this year.

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