Ex-Lionhead Devs kickstarting “Fable Fortune” Card game – Starting tomorrow!

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IGN has officially unveiled that the developers who were laid off from Lionhead by Microsoft are now being given a chance by Microsoft themselves to use the Fable IP for continuing development for another Fable game in the making, but since they won’t be supporting them in publishment of the game, the new studio “Flaming Fowl Studios”, formed by Ex-Lionhead veterans Craig Oman, Mike West and Marcus Lynn and set up to finish the game.
IGN has also given us an exclusive look into the gameplay for the game, with insight of its development directly from the developers. (Describing the game overall)

The kickstarter will begin tomorrow on Tuesday May 31 at 10am EST, the team hopes to raise around $365622 (250K in Pounds) and will launch a closed beta after the kickstarter end within a few weeks, followed by an open beta on PC and Xbox One in October, with a full release to follow late in 2017.
If you would like more info about the game, go to the link down below to see what the game works and its story/mechanics..
Source: IGN

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