Rumor: Injustice 2 coming to PC/Xbox One/PS4 in 2017

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Ohhh, we got a spicy rumor coming from, and according to Backflip at GAF, a sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us, which is a fighting game that released in 2012-2013 on multiple platforms to strong success.
It was a fighting game that had the gods, heroes, villains and titans of the DC Universal fighting each other across interactive maps and a large-scale single-player story mode. Many enjoyed the game and deservedly so .
It is to no one’s surprise that the game is rumored to get a big follow up that could be revealed days before the E3 Show, NetherRealm Studios is reportedly developing the game, which might explain the reason on why Ed Boon was snarkily saying something about shipping a game on April 2016 back from February 2015:

Hope we get to see more of the new game!
Source: – VIA: NeoGAF

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