[Rumor – Update] Xbox E3 Plans Detailed

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It’s no surprise that before E3 some information leaks out, as that happened last year before some conferences began with news on Last Guardian and FFVII Remake happening.

Microsoft has some big announcements coming but it seems some of that got leaked out. This is a rumor, so take the following information with a grain of salt.

Source Quote:
“A trailer for Xbox Daily and the Xbox Media Briefing will be published later today by Microsoft. It’s already available on their servers. I can’t give you details on how to get there though, sry. It will not feature anything too relevant but still one interesting new theme. Only read further if you are fine with potential E3 spoilers!!!
People asked me what else I could catch from Xbox API etc. I will just share it now. Take these as rumors or whatever. I don’t know what will be at E3 or whatever. Rare is working on a new Battletoads, Sea of Thieves won’t be a straight MMO, more like The Division/Destiny, seems like MS will give this game a huge focus, cross-play, cross-buy. H3 set in Australia, General RAAM for Killer Instinct, Something Age of Empires (still not sure what exactly, prob new game) and Halo Wars 2 Beta is a thing, no cross-play mentioned. Also, Zombie online game by MS, prob new State of Decay, could also be Dead Rising & Anniversary update will gets its own landing page on Xbox.com with the major features listed, prob “available now” at E3 for preview. That’s all I have for now. Nothing on hardware, sry.”
Rumors of a new Battletoads have been circling for a while now and another Microsoft Guest character appearing in Killer Instinct after Rash and Arbiter isn’t much of a surprise. More on this as it develops.
Update: More information has come out from the leaker:
“I kept searching all night. Again – and I really want to emphasize this – I’m just sharing the interesting tidbits, tags and pages I’m finding. As already stated above I don’t know what will actually appear at E3, what will appear at Gamescom or what will never appear. As an example I’m seeing tons and tons of old Phantom Dust test play session logs. We all know that game never released and is on-hold. And no, I did not find anything new regarding this one. If it’s coming back, they did it with a new ID. That said, I got some requests by you guys – so here are the results. No relevant Banjo-Kazooie tags or connections, only older ones obviously. References for mouse and keyboard Support found.  I’m almost sure now on the new AoE game. Castle Siege has a different ID everywhere I found references. There is a chance the zombie game is just DayZ. The exact title isn’t listed (only genre tags etc) which is why I can’t know it for sure. Halo Wars 2 has tons of recent play session logs which lead me to the impression the Beta could be close and Same for Crackdown 3. Nothing for Crimson Skies, Project Gotham Racing, Jade Empire, Midtown Madness. Sry. There are tons of Conker tags everywhere. The problem is: I can’t find all of the connected IDs. We have Conker in Rare Replay, Young Conker by Asobo, Project Spark Conker. There is a chance there is also another Conker thing hidden here somewhere, but it’s really difficult to find the correct ID. So I will just say: tons of Conker things. Doesn’t have to mean anything, could be though.”
Source: NeoGaf & Reddit

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