Odin Sphere Leifthrasir – PSN Demo Impressions

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This upcoming action title from Vanillaware, makers of Dragons Crown & Maramusa Rebirth, is a remake of their classic Odin Sphere on the PS4 and PS Vita. To give people a taste of the game before its launch on June 7th, they released a demo last week on the PS4 and this week on the PS Vita. We will be having a quick look at this title based off this free demo on the PSN Store for the PS4 and PS Vita.


The gameplay is simple enough, with you having three buttons used for combat; the Square Button for melee attacks, the triangle button for using both offensive and defensive potions and the Circle button for special attacks that each character can pull off.

You can also chain different attacks together, leading to a simple system having a lot of hidden depth if you dig into it. You have the option to play as one of five characters in a demo that spans across a number of locations (forest, snow, lava, ect) capping off with a boss fight.

Each character is fun to play as, due to each one having major differences. One example is a rabbit character you can play as, with his melee attacks being swift and rapid alongside having special attacks that can be useful for crowd control. Another example is a lady named Velvet, who has chains that can be used to whip at foes and have distance-focused attacks.

Having very different characters all accessible in this demo was a great move, as it gives a simple series of rooms far more depth thanks to five different move-sets to work with.

Replay Value

The demo has about 10-15 minutes of content per character, so you have a very lengthy demo that can last up to 1+ hours if you spend a lot of time playing it.


I played the Vita demo of the game, but it looks beautiful. Every character animates differently and it leads to some very impressive visuals. The levels are painted backgrounds and everything has a lot of depth. Musically, the games sounds great too, with its score having nice otherworldly melodies. The game runs very well on Vita, having a locked frame rate and it never dipped across my entire time playing the demo.

Overall, this demo really warmed me up to the game, as I really enjoyed the depth of the combat system and how visually beautiful the game as a whole looked. While we might not have a review ready for the games launch next week on PS4 and PS Vita, we will review the game in the future. Download links to the NA Demos on PS4 and PS Vita are linked here.

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