Nordic Games – Destroy All Humans Sequel Under Consideration

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Nordic Games was one of many publishers that bought IP and assets from THQ when the studio closed its doors a few years back. They got many IP like Darksiders and Destroy All Humans, and recently have been trying to make use of the different IP they own in different ways. Some examples include remasters to games like Darksiders II to foster interest in the IP’s they own.
People have been wanting a sequel to Destroy All Humans for a long time now, as the first two games on the PS2 were fondly remembered. Nordic has been thinking about this too, taking this Tweet into consideration

They are looking into possible ideas regarding using the IP going forward and reconigize that people want more games in the series. If anything more comes from this, we will update this story with more information.
Sources: Twitter, NeoGaf and Linkedln

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