E3 2016 – Wish-List for the Event

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E3 2016 is planned to be a massive event, with many upcoming games and unannounced titles from many different publishers. So, with this event, we all have personal wants and wishes to happen. Personally, I have a number of games and stuff I personally want to see. So, I will be sharing with you my top wants and games from E3 2016. Feel free to share you own thoughts for what you want from the event in the comments below!

Sonic the Hedgehog Anniversary Game

If you follow me on NeoGaf, I made a long series of articles celebrating the entire Sonic series in preparation for this year’s ‘big’ Sonic title from Sonic Team and SEGA rumored to release this fall. With the rumors being so different, its hard to pin point which of them will be true. Rumors point to the game being a remake of Sonic 1, another Sonic Generations-like adventure, the third Sonic Adventure game and more. I don’t know WHAT this game will be, but I personally just want a grand Sonic adventure filled with high quality, great production values, lots of replay value and most importantly, is a good game.

I hate making comments like the one I am about to make, but Sonic isn’t consistent. The entire series goes up and down and all around often but recent games like Sonic Colors, Generations and Lost World were all good too great games. Then Boom released and despite it not being a Sonic team title, it soured people on Sonic’s brand.

I want this new game to be amazing, as it will repair Sonic’s name once more. People enjoy Sonic and I want to see more from the series in the future. 2016 is a great year for the series and an anniversary game will be the icing on the cake for me. Its rumored that the game will be announced in July during a major Sonic event but we might get a teaser for the project this E3 from one of the big two (Nintendo isn’t having a conference).

PS1 Classics on PlayStation 4

This is a feature I am flabbergasted Sony didn’t have day zero on the PS4 but it is a feature the PS3, PS Vita and PSP support. Sony has a series of PS1 Classics that work on all platforms that support them (most of the time) and it has been great for people wanting to play classics on the go or at home.

Sony announced PS2 Classics for PS4 last Fall but they did not have cross-buy with the ones you already own on PS3. This was something that bothered me, the additional trophies and better visuals notwithstanding. So if PS1 Classics get announced for the PS4, I want them to be cross-buy with the many ones I own on PS Vita and PS3 personally.

Crash Bandicoot Returns….

One of the worst kept secrets in gaming for the past two years is that a new Crash game is coming and Sony has some role with its development. With Crash appearing in a specific title that came out last month, something has to be happening with the IP.

Rumors (Legitimate and dubious) point to Crash appearing in a sequel to PlayStation All Stars developed by Sumo Digital but other insiders on NeoGAF hinted at the series getting a new title that Sony is helping with. I cannot think of anything specific happening, so I will just say I really want this to happen and I hope it ends up being a good game/appearance for the orange bandicoot.

Persona 3 Sapphire aka The Remake of Persona 3

After playing the PSP version of Persona 3 and completing Persona 4 Golden before that, I couldn’t help but want a new version of Persona 3. The added content from the PSP version and fixes it had over the original were so large but it removed 3D hub worlds to explore, the animated cut-scenes and in-engine cut-scenes. So, I would want the best of the PS2 versions and the great features of the PSP game alongside the additions Persona 4 Golden added to the series to all come together…..making a fantastic version of a PS2 Classic.

Whenever it lands on PS Vita, PS4 or both doesn’t matter to me in this case; I would love to play the definitive version of this game in the future. With the movie series of Persona 3 concluding this year and Persona 5 releasing in Japan this Fall, I think now is the best time to announce the project if it is happening.

 God of War IV

I personally really love the God of War series and two games in the series (Ghost of Sparta and God of War II) are some of my favorite action games of all time. Rumors point to Santa Monica working on the game and it being set in Norse Mythology, so looking forward to its very likely official announcement during Sony’s Conference.

The game is also rumored to be one of the major first party titles to use the upcoming PS4 Neo’s ‘Upgraded Mode’, which would offer better visuals and performance compared to normal PS4’s. I am interested in seeing the game push both sets of hardware hard as the God of War series is famous for pushing the platforms they release on to their limits.

Rare’s Battletoads and other IP Revials

After the release of Rare Replay, I get this impression that while Rare is moving forward with new IP, they have interest in making at least two or so titles from IP they created in the past. Battletoads is one that I have a very strong feeling will happen after all the teasing and cameo’s the series had since the Xbox One launch.

In addition, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rare is making a new Banjo-Kazooie game to be the big family-friendly title for Fall 2017. Either way, Rare is having a big show at E3 this year and looking forward to seeing what they announced at Microsoft’s Conference.

Capcom: Resident Evil and Dead Rising

Both are IP I have a lot of respect for, with the former offering horror/action enjoyment over the years while the later have been consistent crazy fun. With this year, both are rumored to be appearing at E3 and I have the feeling they will.

Resident Evil 7 is a game Capcom said was in the works and will announce when the time is right, while Dead Rising 4 has been leaked the other day; both will happen in the future. The question is, what are they going to release on, what are they going to be like and when will we be playing them.

I think Dead Rising 4 will be Xbox One exclusive after the success of Dead Rising 3 during the Xbox One’s launch while Resident Evil 7 will be multiplatform like past titles in the series.

So, that is my top wants from the event and I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on E3! Lets have a great time next week celebrating lots of fun gaming announcements and more. 3WIREL will be having extensive E3 coverage next week so stop by after watching the conferences.

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