3WIREL! Site Update – Removal of GINE and Store pages

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cropped-Untitled-1241.png3WIREL! has recently received a minor update to reflect the changes that will scaleback the site in order to focus on articles and reviews, this does not mean those downscale will be permanent. It would also mean that future plans for the site will be taken even more seriously, so the scale back is a necessary step to move the site forward.
Those changes include removal of two pages: GINE and Store
And here are the reasons why:

  • GINE has been in hiatus for a long time and will not post any updates until I (Motwera) stumble upon someone else to help make the game a reality, but this is not the time and I think people will appreciate being more realistic about updates for an unrealized project (at this time, but hopefully be realized in the future with assistance of someone competent)
  • The Store page has been removed to explore ways of providing paid merchandise and discounted downloadable games via an affiliation (if possible), and we would like to take profit and shipping items seriously since it would be a colossal screw up to have a mismanaged store online.

Overall, these updates will be necessary to move the site into the next milestone, and not hinder the progress we have been making towards gaming news reporting and reviews of games, TV shows, anime, and movies.

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