Berserk Musou (Omega Force) – PS4, PS Vita, PC

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This title was announced before E3 from Koei-Tecmo & Omega Force, with it being a Musou-styled game based on the iconic Berserk IP. NeoGaf Member raven777 made a long list of bullet points from Gematsu’s coverage on the game.

  • The game takes place from golden age upto black swordsman
  • Some scenes from 1997 anime and movie are used, as well as brand new stuff for the game. There will be a lot of scenes.
  • The game is not directly tied with the newly airing Berserk anime. The game is made so even people who are not familiar with Berserk can enjoy
  • There are huge boss battles, 1v1 against boss, fighting against small enemies and boss popping up during the battle
  • Lots of boss characters in the game, like zodd and bull/ox monsters
  • Guts’ fighting style changes as the story progresses in the manga, and the game will reflect that in the gameplay
  • As with other Musou games, Guts is not the only playble character.
  • The game’s visual style will be similar to the poster
  • The core target audience for the game is the fans of the original manga. But newcomers will also be able to enjoy the game.
  • Japan and West have different restrictions for gore/erotic. Japan is more strict on gore stuff, while West is more strict on erotic stuff. So they want to get the balance right while staying true to the original.
  • They will release a video featuring Guts soon.

Source: NeoGaf

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