Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 (Inti-Crates) – New Characters Announced

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The Seven
“The Seven” are a group of seven particularly powerful adepts within Eden. Unlike the Sumeragi Group, Eden itself does not have a hierarchical system for its members, but these particular adepts hold many positions of command, and are quite beloved within the ranks of Eden’s members. They each possess a book of great power known as a Grimoire. We’ll introduce two of these Grimoire holders in just a minute.
Eden is a multinational group of adepts from all corners of the globe, whose numbers do not compare to that of ordinary humans. They have began to amass throughout the nation, and consist mainly of adepts who were oppressed by non-adepts in the past.
Their goal is to usher in a new age for adepts, and create a new utopia where all non-adepts are eradicated.
Grimoires are the catalyst that The Seven use to transform into their powered up forms. Using top secret technology that they pilfered from Sumeragi, these Grimoires were created using data from Glaives they usurped combined with the power of The Muse.
Unlike the Glaives, which were used by Sumeragi to control the adepts that wielded them, the Grimoires are purely used to strengthen their wielders. The adepts who wield these Grimoires can use their abilities without transforming into their more powerful forms, which means the powers they wield post-transformation are greater than that of any former Sumeragi-controlled adept.
New Characters
His “Hack the Planet” septima allows him to take physical material and transform it into computer data, and conversely, take data and manifest it in the real world. He was a former contributor at a website for uploading foreign movies, and once things went south for his beloved website he became fascinated by Eden’s transmission equipment and decided to join up with them. He uses a lot of internet slang in his everyday speech, and irritates everyone around him every time he opens his mouth…he by no means does this intentionally.“SPOILER ALERT: …YOU GON DIE.”
Ghauri, the “Prism Master”(VA: Chiharu Sawashiro)
“There’s an audience in place! Gotta let ‘em see my face!” 
His “Prism Cataclysm” septima allows him to create crystals at will. A former street dancer, his constantly amped up, upbeat attitude is quite infectious within Eden. For better or worse, he will speak in rhymes, to the point where a sentence will lose its meaning just so he can complete a successful rhyme. If he coats the ground with a crystalline material, he can glide along the surface like a roller skating rink. He’s currently working day and night on combining the powers of his crystal generation septima with a hot new original dance.
‘Mysterious Girl’(VA: Kaori Nazuka)
“Very well. I leave this in your capable hands.”
A young girl who appeared before Gunvolt and Copen, she expresses herself with a level of poise and order that does not befit her childish appearance. She is an adept, but her abilities are unknown. What could she be after……?

Inti-Crates worked on the original Gunvolt on 3DS in addition to a number of Mega Man titles like the Zero & ZX Series alongside Mega Man 9 & 10.
Source: Nintendo Everything

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