Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report – Video + Overview

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-Wait mode was well received, specially by Japanese fans.
-The picture that was drawn of the chocobros in the Altissia trailer has a secret.
-Regalia changes form depending on the air height, but will remain in the form until landing
-Pre-order DLC contents previewed.
-Cidney Regalia skin edition is really popular with the US SE staff.
-DLC weapons include from previous titles, Gaelbolg, Blaze Edge, Masamune Katana – It’s a greatsword type, Mage Masher.
-Lucis Suit DLC – Only for Noctis.
-Tabata feels that after watching Kingsglaive in full, that he wants fans to really watch the movie then the game as the experience will double. Said if you decide to watch the movie, he want you to experience the game as well as it will complete the whole story better.
-Despite that Tabata once said that each product was standalone and he was fine with people just experiencing one.
-Justice Monsters will be released at around Gamescom & -justice Monsters has micro-transactions (of course) and a gacha system. Golden balls are required to spin, but you can get many just by playing.
-Tabata will not be present at Japan Expo.
-Brotherhood Ep 3 Gladio Episode planned for around the time of Japan Expo. July 7th
-Next event will be at Gamescom. Demos will be available.
-Pretty certain there will be a day 1 patch for XV
-XV Final release build may be available for TGS.


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