Final Fantasy XV – Kingsglave Impressions

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The upcoming feature film set to take place before the events of Final Fantasy XV got some early screenings in Japan. NeoGaf user benzy was able to make a summary about the movie’s reception and it will be listed below.
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  • 1st 2 min. of the film already made people cry.
  • The music during the ending credits is spectacular, and once you’re immersed, a surprise lies at the end. Something that’ll make you stay!
  • The identity of the specters in the Dawn trailer will be revealed.
  • Very emotional film, get tissues.
  • Key phrase for KINGSGLAIVE is “everything for the future king.” Keep this in mind when watching the film!
  • Luna in the EN version gives more of a grown-up feel than the JP one.
  • The identities of the towering figures become clear in the film.
  • Some things coming out of the Kingsglaive advanced screening:
  • Those who finished Episode Duscae will know about the movie’s ending.
  • The golden accessory on Regis’s head is the royal crown (Nozue)
  • The identity of the all-armored character turns out to be kind of a surprise.
  • The Audi we thought is a car for official use actually belongs to someone
  • Monster FFVII International makes surprising appearance.


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